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User Info: Gamecube_Gamer

3 years ago#1
I started a new game, and plan to check the DV's of any pokemon I know I'll most likely be using, to check for their potential to be good (as I remember from my old guide, to raise a champion, you have to start with championship material). But since I'm at the beginning of the game, I don't want to waste too many pokeballs (and money), so I go back to an earlier save point if the DV's aren't up to snuff

But Pikachu is grinding me to my last nerve concerning this. First off, it's early in the game, so all I have to go on is the stats it has at level 3 or 5. Second, the special stat at Lv.3 is the same regardless of the DV's (if there was special defense, that would be the deciding factor), so I can only use Lv.5. Third, Pikachu is rare, and Lv5 Pikachu even more so.

I have gotten Pikachu that have a nice speed or defense, but all of them have Special DV's that are 9 or below. But I still want one to back up my future Bellsprout when I go against Misty.

I got a Buuterfree with a high special, a Rattata with an amazing attack and speed, and a Spearow with it's own high attack and speed. But the Pikachu I need continues to elude me.
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User Info: Gunbladelad

3 years ago#2
I think personally that you're over-thinking stuff since this is going to be an ingame team. I know it's been said thousands of times before, but that's because it's true - virtually anything works against the NPCs in the game.

If I was you I'd just keep the best one you can find for now, and once you can access the power plant, you can go grinding for one with good DVs there. It's frustrating enough finding a Pokemon that seldom appears on the route you're searching, never mind resetting constantly in a bid to get one that's got slightly better stats.
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User Info: MaskedSheik

3 years ago#3
It's also really hard for me to resist over-optimizing my Pokémon at the beginning of a run. I find the game more fun when I let go of that impulse; you might too. Maybe play the game with a friend watching (that way you'll be forced to play in a more interesting way, like not grinding) or forbid yourself from restarting from a previous save.
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User Info: gbchaosmaster

3 years ago#4
Think about it, you never cared about it when you first played the game, why would you want to care now?

User Info: Gamecube_Gamer

3 years ago#5
I don't optimize everyone, just the ones I'm planning on using. But i'll be a bit more choosy, and anything rare will not be optimized.

But yeah, I pretty much just caught a random Pikachu and moved on.
Dark Knight MirielxSorcerer MU
Alone, they are strong. Together, they are unstoppable.

User Info: WiinolikePS3

3 years ago#6
If you do end up wanting to get max DV Pokemon at some point, there's a rather complex exploit revolving one of the higher-hex glitch Pokemon, dubbed "Q". I've done it myself and can confirm that it works, and I can post the explanation if you're interested. Mind you, it's a rather lengthy and risky process, but you end up with level 100 Pokemon with max EVs and DVs.

Not really much different from using a Gameshark, but you can do it with just a copy of Yellow, Red/Blue, and a link cable. Granted, most people don't have all of those, so...
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User Info: froggy25

3 years ago#7
Or you can use arbitrary code with 8f, it is slightly easier.
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