charity race - Bulbasaur vs Squirtle

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User Info: w00t_D

3 years ago#1
I am racing my friend for charity. My go-to is generally squirtle. But he also wants it and I am fine with bulba.

What are your thoughts on running with Bulbs?
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User Info: froggy25

3 years ago#3
Bulbasaur is the worst starter for a speedrun. Enjoy your level 13 Vine Whip.

If you really don't want to use Squirtle, use Charmander.

I'd like to emphasize that you have no chance of winning a race against someone experienced if you don't start with Squirtle.

If you do a glitch run, then Charmander is better because you skip Brock, and you catch a level 100 Pokémon in Mt. Moon.

The non-glitch speedrun is as follow :
1) Name yourself A. Choose Squirtle. 11 Attack 10 Speed is gold. Nickname it A.
2) Buy balls. Catch level 3/4 Nidoran M, and Spearow. Nickname Nidoran M A.
3) Take safe path in Viridian Forest to avoid most random encounters. Try to get red bar (< 20% HP) if you get poisoned by Poison Sting, it saves frames.
4) Slaughter Brock with Squirtle, switch in and retreat Nidoran M to give him experience points.
5) Put Nidoran in the lead, and set Battle Style to "Set". Catch Paras.
6) Evolve Nidorino in Nidoking, and proceed to obliterate things with Thrash. Get Bubblebeam.
7) Trade Spearow for Farfetch'd if you don't get a Paras.
8) Vermillon City Gym : - get Thunderbolt.
8) Horn Drill + X Accuracy ! Destroy everything ! Buy 1 Poké Doll, 10 Super Repels, 10 X Accuracy, 3 X Special, and 4 X Speed. Get Rock Slide.
9) Skip Marowak in Lavender with Poké Doll.
10) Run against Snorlax.
11) Ice Beam in Safari Zone.
12) Earthquake in Silph !
13) Go back to Celadon city to destroy Erika.
14) Skip trainers in Cinnabar Island Gym by answering the quizzes.
15) Pray against Lance so that Gyarados' Hydro Pump doesn't critical hit (12.61% factoring the misses)

And read this, it might help you in your quest :

User Info: -S0cksF0rW0ks-

3 years ago#4
Bulbs will be god once he gets Razor Leaf
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User Info: froggy25

3 years ago#5
-S0cksF0rW0ks- posted...
Bulbs will be god once he gets Razor Leaf

This is a race, you have 2 hours to finish the game, not 536.

User Info: gbchaosmaster

3 years ago#6
Yeah, it's quite an uneven match unless the Squirtle guy screws up badly and the Bulbasaur guy does a great job.

User Info: StS

3 years ago#7
Why not allow squirtle for both of you? More fair.
Sandal that Stinks

User Info: lloyd0117

3 years ago#8
11) Ice Beam in Safari Zone.

"when I'm in the process of doing something, I do it not because I think it's worth doing, but because I'm trying to MAKE it worth doing."

User Info: froggy25

3 years ago#9
Wow, that was weird from me. Celadon city obv
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