Bonus try, the freaking myth!

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User Info: Redimus_Prime

6 years ago#1

So when I first started playing Digimon World on the PS1 I made it a point to always try for the bonus try. My thinking: "With time I might adjust and be able to get the bonus consistently enough for it to be worth it." So I stuck to my guns and practiced.

Training myself while I trained my Digimon.

For months I struggled, gave myself head aches glaring at the screen, and became so frustrated with it I finally put it aside permanently. Forget bonus try, I'll just do it normally.

And time went on...

Here recently I acquired emulation software for my desktop and had enough processing power to get it to work seamlessly. Great! I can limit the frame rate and cheat at bonus try. I've beaten the game and now I just want to raise my ultimate digimon: a Monzemon with maxxed out stats. <3

So I pop in my disk, I fire up the emulator, I start a new game, I get to green gym.
Save State.
Exit emulator, restart emulator, set frame limit to 30, start emulation, load save state.

.... (=| I guess half speed isn't slow enough.

Exit emulator, restart emulator, set frame limit to 20, start emulation, load save state.

... >=| Ooooooookay. I could have sworn I got that last slot spot on several times now but whatever... Lets try it on an even slower setting.

Exit emulator, restart emulator, set frame limit to 10, start emulation, load save state.


No matter how good you get at it, no matter how much you slow the game down, no matter what you do it comes down to chance and what sort of "mood" the game is in. If the game doesn't want you to win the bonus try it will carry you past your target through sheer virtue of added momentum. All the accurate button pressing and timing in the world wont let you win.

Just wanted to let you know just in case any of you felt like adding the info to a FAQ or some-such.

User Info: MintyDreams7

6 years ago#2
Yep, bonus chooses whether you win or lose.
It has been known for a long time now.
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User Info: Xenoy

6 years ago#3
Somebody once experimented with the bonus try and came to the conclusion that each time you enter the Green Gym and try the bonus try for the first time you will never get it right but after that you can cheat to get it right. So the game will cheat every time you enter the gym and try it for the first time.


6 years ago#4
Yes, indeed. Maybe the Gym is just rigged and it's not up to you - or your elite button smashing abilities or perfect timing accuracy - but it's all up to the game's mechanism of random fickle sheer luck.
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User Info: RickyC

6 years ago#5
I did a lot of testing on this on my playthrough of the game and its fixed but its not always fixed the first time you enter the gym.
at 10:35 it shows me winning bonus after entering first go.

Each time before you try it might be fixed so you can't get 3 golden poos but you might win bonus round with 3x of anything else. Other times its reverse or that you can't win at all, and other times the 2nd/3rd slots are fixed so you have greater chance of locking in a golden poo.

For some reason I also found that the odds of all this happening change each time you either start a game or maybe load up a game. I played 10 hours where the slots had be winning bonus round about 1 out of 8 times if that, then loaded the game up (after infinity mountain) and the odds increased to 1 out of 2 times.

I'm not sure if completing the game increases the odds of 3x goldenness or if it was the loading of the save shuffles the odds around. Also found starting a new game would also come up with new odds of winning each time and none of the new games gave me as bad of a time as my main game I played for 10 hours.
Each new game/loading would be consistent too, I would never get 2x bonus round wins then wait for 10 games for the next win. I would either always win a lot and often, always win hardly ever or always somewhere inbetween.

In short its weird and loading your game till you win often might work well and I dont know why someone would program it this way before you could save state to abuse it :/
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