How to get H-Kabuterimon! (New method)

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User Info: gmg000

7 years ago#1
In this topic i will teach you guys how to get HerculeKabuterimon...
It was reaaaaaaaally strange when Kabuterimon digivolves, because i don't have enough stats to do it... But here we go how i get it!
Well first a friend of mine told me how difficult was to get him, but he also told me if you use Kunemon, instead of Biymon, will be more easy to get H-Kabuterimon...
So i did all of the steps... Use a training digimon, sleep in Kunemon's Bed etc...

After get Kabuterimon i started to train... Yes: i train TOO much (only did this)
When i get H-Kabuterimon, my Kabuterimon have the following stats:

HP 4500-4600
MP 3500-3600
OFF 250-300
DEF 150-170
SPD 130-150
BRN 90-100

WEIGHT 50-55
DISCIPLINE In don't know (sorry i don't rember at all)

DON'T ask me how i get this absolutely amazing digimon with those stas... I DON'T KNOW XD
In youtube there's a video explaining how to get it... Your Kabuterimon had to have 4500HP, 3500MP, 450OFF, 350DEF, 300SPD and 350BRN. I was following this guide when he digivolves automatically...
Please, anyone who wants to get he, try to follow this steps... It's not a joke, i really get him doing this... If anyone do this, reply here, only to confirm this way is possible!
Well i hope you have enjoyed this tpc, and sorry for the poor english... I'm a brazilian guy doing a english course XDDDDDDDD

User Info: vampragonlord

7 years ago#2
only one attempt makes this information questionable at best.
According to one digivolving FAQ
"- Hercules Kabuterimon
Type: Data
Active Hours: 19:00 - 10:00
Possible Digimon: Kabuterimon, Kuwagamon, Shellmon
Care Mistakes: ????
Body Weight: ????
Condition: HP 3500, MP 2500 ,Offense 250, Defense 250,
Brains 200, Speed 200
Bonus Condition: Happiness gauge- minimum
Digivolving Items: Beetle Pearl
Finishing Technique: Giga Blaster
that is all you need to get him

This game has plenty of random factors that help decide what a digimon will digivolve into. Tamer level, Bonus conditions and Care mistakes also play a role. If you had tried this and gotten similar results over even 5 attempts, that would have been MUCH better. I recall another faq where the way that they got a phoenixmon was
"Here's what I did to get a Phoenixmon. First I raised a
Birdramon. Then it went to sleep and turned into an Airdramon. For this to
occur, you must have a happiness and discipline meter of 100%, and a
tiredness of zero. Then I was like, "Cool! An Airdramon!" But before I could
even move, he immediately digivolved into Phoenixmon. I didn't make many
care mistakes, and his weight was around 30g. Just try different things. If
anyone KNOWS FOR SURE how to get these digimon, please e-mail me."
Basic point? If you dont know exactly how to get a digimon, dont go around telling people to follow your method. It is great that you wish to contribute, but if someone new wanders in, tries your method, and DOESNT get a H-K even after multiple tries, it is only really counterproductive.
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User Info: gmg000

7 years ago#3
Well you are absolutely right in one affirmative and absolutely wrong in another...
1) It is true that this game each status and each attempt can be the key to make your digimon become what you want ... But, unfortunately, is all very random ...
2) The way you talk, it seems that I'm forcing people to follow my advice ... Who wants to try, try that! I'm just providing an alternative way to achieve the H-Kabuterimon ... I do not know if you ever tried to get it, but it is very difficult! When I wrote the topic, I knew this would be right for some people and wrong for others, but I was really amazed at how easy it was ... This game is really strange, because when you think you are following a pattern, all of sudden he got entirely wrong. I repeat: who wants to try, try at all!
And one last thing ... You are now the first person who commented here, and obviously do not believe what I said! How great... =D

User Info: Gaeaxaviour

7 years ago#4
The 3 "Mega" Digimons in the game is actually the easiest one to get in my case.
For H-Kabuterimon, I usually get a Kabuterimon and just train it in offense and defense and a good amount of weight. No or few CMs also... Kuwagamon and Shellmon works with that trick too.
"Behold this gigantic golden dragon awakes! Come forth! The legendary beast of Earth, Gaeaxaviour!!"

User Info: gmg000

7 years ago#5
My case was very similar... Only difference is you trained hard OFF and DEF and I trained a lot HP and MP, but the circumstances are the same ... This only proves that the weight and caremistakes also matter a lot = D
A little question: who are the other 2 mega digimon in the game?

User Info: vampragonlord

7 years ago#6
thats semi-debatable.

Gigadramon/MetalEtemon are "true" Megas(evolve from ultimates) but can only be gotten by gameshark. then there are the "faux" Megas, H-kabuterimon, Phoenixmon, and.....Megaseadramon? not quite sure on the last.
cannot write poems, i post for topics,
will not type randoms, i chose for logics. ~Completeboy

User Info: _oddhead

7 years ago#7
Gigadramon isn't a Mega, he's an Ultimate; a variation of Megadramon. Neither is MegaSeadramon a Mega.
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User Info: gmg000

7 years ago#8
So the three mega digimon are: HerculesKabuterimon, MetalEtemon and...?
Never mind, it's only a curiosity =D
Back to HerculesKaburetimon ... Anybody know how to get bug?
I've already battle Piximon, then he is out... =/
This technique is very good, because she can hit the enemy multiple times (of course if all the insects don't go up the enemy before explode) auheauheuaheuahueha

User Info: _oddhead

7 years ago#9
Beetle Land. You can either fight Tentomon, who uses Bug, or you can save yourself a bunch of time and recovery floppies by getting Kabuterimon to teach it to you.
contemplate your last breath

User Info: gmg000

7 years ago#10
Thanks bro! =D
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