Your opinion on best Digimon game?

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User Info: UberData

7 years ago#1
I'm planning to give this type of game a shot, but with most reviews being poor I was wondering what your guys opinions are on which game is best in the series.
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User Info: stingwraith

7 years ago#2
Out of this, DW2, and DW3, I'd say it's this one, simply because it's a unique experience. DW2 and 3 are standard RPG fare, and that's been handled a lot better elsewhere. DW3 isn't bad but the second game is pretty awful.
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User Info: Jackz_Guyz

7 years ago#3
Digimon Digital Card Battle has a high replay value and gameplay fun.
It is a very good game.
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User Info: Med_Jai

7 years ago#4
Most of them are good in their own way but there was never another Digimon World game made just like this one.
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User Info: Paladin_Danny

7 years ago#5
For a more smaller but more unique experiance: Definately play Digimon World

For a bigger experiance with many many digimon: Digimon World Dawn and Dusk

Both great Digimon games
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User Info: Relvamon

7 years ago#6

Digimon DS games are mostly fail, probably because they mimic the gameplay of most Pokemon games. I'll probably play Digimon World DS if I could choose amongst all the Digimon DS games.

DW1 is one of its kind, as original as it can get (from the original Pendulum keychain). Even though the digivolutions might seem weird, they are the closest to the true/original digivolution (before DW2/DW3 made more popular/fanboy lines). Unlike most other RPG games, DW1 gives you the freedom of choice. You can do whatever you want, when you want, so there is no 'one correct way' to follow.

I would probably play DW3 also, since it's a much bigger world compared to DW1 and the gym features of DW3 are pure win. You don't have to catch them like Pogeymans and unlocking different Digimon with your levels is rather nice too. I guess I like both DW1 and DW3 equally.

User Info: MintyDreams7

7 years ago#7
This was the only Digimon game that I've played which has been most true to Digimon's roots.
Probably because it was made before the Digimon anime series came into existence, and every game afterwards seemed to cater almost exclusively to the anime's weird canon.
That's fine for most people, but I am a fan of the Digimon as they were orginally: Keychain virtual pets.
This is why Digimon World was the best Digimon game for me.
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User Info: Heavenwargod

7 years ago#8
My favorites were Digimon World 3, Digimon World, and Digimon Digital Card Battle in no particular order. Those three were really fun.

Digimon World 2 is horrible.
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User Info: Jackz_Guyz

7 years ago#9
DW 2 wan't too horrible.
It got many Digimons varieties, and will took you a good chunk of 50 hours if you can be patient to complete it.

But yeah, seeing those same animation again and again with the slow battle sequence is horibble.
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User Info: Prominence

7 years ago#10
This game is timelessly unique.

I love the obscure detail in the environments. It's nowhere near as black and white as pokemon, leaving it difficult to discern obstructions from items from sheer decorations.

Play it. It's not an overly easy game either.
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