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User Info: CStrife07

7 years ago#1
Alright, so this board has ben officially dead numerous tims over. Maybe somebody will stop by and read this, maybe it'll be a log for myself.Either way I've decided to try a challenge variety of this game since to get another solid playthrough out of it. My rules are

* All pigs must be promoted immediatly to the espionage line
* Pigs must STAY in the espionage line. Yes, this means no commandos/heroes
* Collect as many PP as possible, both through pickups and survival. Even the minefield ones

My inital idea was to just do a SCC similar to games lik Final Fantasy Tactics, but I realized it wouldn't matter once they started bcoming commandos. So that changed to staying in their classes the entire length of the game. I had to decide on a class to use and to do so I weighed the pros and cons.

Heavy Weapons
*High damage
*Long distance
*Hard to aim
*Never on my normal teams
*No midturn actions (mines/healing hands/pickpocket)

*High Damage
*Multiple TNTs
*High early game HP
*Minefield visibility
*Lack of a ranged game

*Healing Hands
*Healing items
*Low damage
*Poor range

*Poison Gas
*Sniper Rifle
*Group damage limited to TNT

All in all the easiest choice would be Espionage, as they have a solid advantage over Commando's even. My common tactic has been, and will be, crippling. Here is a brief ovrview of some tactics I might mention

Making the enemy waste turns. Can be as temporary as poison gassing an enemy with 16-25 hit points or as devious as pickpocketing an entire inventory so every turn that pig takes is a drain of resources. Be warned though, pigs with bazookas will be airdroppped one if left alone for too long.

In certain stages the best strategy is simply to hide constantly, and creep up on an enemy. This has worked on stages like Bangers and Mash and is planned for Hero Warship (results pending!)

Stages with mines may need hopping. I've used this to get to enemies and to get PP, works like a charm and I haven't had to reset yet (not saying I won't have to though!)

Now onto specific level strategies...

User Info: CStrife07

7 years ago#2

1. War Foundation
Do this level same as always. No sweat.

2. Routine Patrol
Rob the gunner, TNT the grunt. This will be a fairly routine way to handle early on missions.

3. Trench Warfare
Rob the gunner, and a grunt of your choice might yield grenades. Use cluster grenades for instant kills.

4. Morning Glory
Rob the first gunner, gang up on the second and rob the third if they don't drop before then.

5. Island Invasion
Hop across to the orderly and two medics, pickpocket and go in the shelter to draw rifle/pistol damage until the ones not robbed are killed. The Sapper has nice equipmnet to lift.

Saustralia to come soon, with actual advice! (It's harder, I completed it, I just haven't typed my strategies yet)

User Info: BlazingGunny

7 years ago#3
I usually have Spies over anything else, but i've never tried a full squad... might be interesting.

I never knew until my last playthrough that once you finish the game, you go through again but all the enemies are stronger via early promotions. Too freakin hard for me :( XD
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User Info: CStrife07

7 years ago#4
I'm sorry that I stopped writing for a bit, summer work is a bummer. I can go up to mission 15 and then my game craps out. I've never used the Russians before so I think it might be them and I'll be starting a new game as Sushi Swine, who I know works. I didn't think anyone would come for a while longer, so I didn't think to write, I'll be good and update you though!
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