Coinpurse wut?

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User Info: GamingDisciple

8 years ago#1
Ok so I've checked all the faqs here(yes using the search function) and I could find nothing on this...South of sylvalynd at the tip of the continent there is a strip of beach where two items can be searched and found. One is a sign that speaks about a coin purse being dropped and not too far off nearby is a coin purse(surprise!). Is this some sort of quest item that people don't know about or what? I didn't get a chance to check and see what it was as I was engaged shortly after and was murdered by a 7000 dmg gellacrazy movie from a red haired, affro man. So yeah..gonna go back and see if I can't get it without gettin mauled and check it. Any word on this would be awesome.

User Info: Otabo

8 years ago#2
Yeah, it should be in that area you mentioned. You can also get two more Coin Purses if you kill the Drill and Belly of the Bulkogidon.
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User Info: Jiyuu Falcon

Jiyuu Falcon
8 years ago#3
It's just an accessory that gives you more money.

I'm surprised that it's not mentioned in Shotgunnova's FAQ, since it's not exactly hard to find. It was listed in the second one I checked, though.
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