Morrowind 1920x1080?

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User Info: HeyDoYaThang

6 years ago#1

Anyone know how to manually change the registry settings so that Morrowind will run at 1920x1080? I know MGE is supposed to do it but you have to have the 2 expansion packs installed and I do not have those. There is also a program called Morrowind Resolution Tweaker but it does not work with Windos 7 64 bit and says it can not find the registry keys. That is because Windows 7 puts them in another location.

If I change Morrowind.exe and MorrowindLauncher.exe to run as administrator it puts the registry keys in the right location but now it has the registry settings for Morrowinf in 2 locations instead of 1 and Morrowind Resolution Tweaker still says it can not find the registry settings.

I've found the location in the registry where I can make the changes manually I just have no idea what to change the values to. I know I can change the 1280 to 1920 and the 960 to 1080 but I have no idea what hex values or whatever else needs to be changed.

User Info: KhMER SR

6 years ago#2
Run regedit and goto:

HKLM->Software->Bethesda Softworks->Morrowind and change the Sceen Height and Screen Width to the way you want it set up.

The value you will want to add is Hexadecimal. 1920 should equal 780 and 1200 should equal 4B0.

To find other hex codes open up the calculator, turn to scientific mode and enter the number in decimal. Tick the button for hex and it will convert.

User Info: HeyDoYaThang

6 years ago#3
Yeah I figured it out yesterday after I saw a post somewhere else about it. I didn't know all I had to do was convert the resolution from dec to hex so 1920 was 780 and 1080 was 438. Yeah I am using Windows 7 so I use the calculator in programmer mode to convert to hex. Not sure if scientific mode does it also. Anyways thanks for the help.

User Info: Kirolemark

6 years ago#4
Download the Morrowind Graphics Extender.

There, you can change the resolution.
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User Info: KhMER SR

6 years ago#5
MGE only works on a fully patched Morrowind w/expansions. He only has Morrowind. MGE is also impossible/next to impossible to use for Linux and Mac users.

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