Have any of you met Wulf? (spoilers)

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  3. Have any of you met Wulf? (spoilers)

User Info: Beriorn

9 years ago#1
After becoming Hortator and Nerevarine, and you must head into the Ghostgate to get the Tools, you can meet this guy in Ghostgate. If you talk to him, he will ask you to bring along his lucky coin, an old Septiem, into Red Mountain. If you accept, he gives you his amulet and a blessing, in the form of a new Power.

It was really cool that Bethesda added stuff like this to the game, and it was a shame that they didn't continue stuff like this in Oblivion.
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User Info: joefitts63

9 years ago#2
I enjoyed this encounter also. Why they made Oblivion so utterly bland I have no idea. :(
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User Info: jonas66

9 years ago#3
If you're high enough placed in the Imperial Temple, one of your quest givers, the oracle I think, will tell you who Wulf is, too. The manifestation, or whatever, of Tiber Septim. Nice of him to drop by.

User Info: That1Guyy

9 years ago#4
But Oblivion does have...oh wait, that's right. Oblivion has nothing. It's always the small things like this that help a game.

Like M'Aiq the liar, in the middle of friggen' nowhere. Some of the incredibly rare book series in the game. And the slaves. If you free 30, the khajiit bookseller that owns the rare books store in Vivec has something to say about it.
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User Info: renodin

9 years ago#5
I met him Wulf on my first time completing the main quest. I stopped in the ghostgate to get some stuff, and talked to him.
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User Info: Gord_Lideon

9 years ago#6
If you do the Imperial Cult quest line, you meet a lot of the Nine Divines in their human form out while doing missions.

It is nice to have these additions to the game. With all the Dark Elves, the game tends to be Temple-heavy influence and not many people pay attention to the Nine (some call them false gods, and even question their existance as daedra/aedra).
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User Info: Bright_Shadows

9 years ago#7
Are they killable? At least hard to kill? *wants to try it*

User Info: Genjyo_Sanzo

9 years ago#8
They probably are killable, but they are probably just weak avatars.
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User Info: ferret hurler

ferret hurler
9 years ago#9
Or, in other words, getting rid of their physical manifestation doesn't get rid of their god-like manifestations.
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User Info: M Dub

M Dub
9 years ago#10
I should really go through Ghostgate next time. I've always just jumped the wall.
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  3. Have any of you met Wulf? (spoilers)

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