Strongest NPC?

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User Info: Yawgeh

9 years ago#21
Chocolatl | Posted 10/15/2008 1:11:56 PM | message detail | #018
You can't levitate in Mournhold!

No, but with high acrobatics + a Slowfall you can get close.

Of course, all you have to do is jump over his head and he freaks out and starts running away. Repeat when he gets a clue and turns around.
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User Info: GauntletOutOf10

9 years ago#22
He only has 255? I recalled his value to be in the 700+ region. Yup, just spawned gaenor_b, the bloke you actually fight, and getluck returns 799.41 on him.

Wow my memory has gone to hell. Good catch, bee ess.
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User Info: ferret hurler

ferret hurler
9 years ago#23
I'd say it's Gaenor. It could've been Divayth Fyr if he didn't have that ****ty dagger.
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User Info: pizzaelemental

9 years ago#24
Argh. Gaenor. That bastard is entirely too lucky. I can't go back to the temple out of fear of accidentally running into him and getting my character's ass handed back to me.

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User Info: Enchanting_Tim

9 years ago#25
Only fought him once and that was a while ago, but I think Helseth and his ub3r ring of 1337ness was hard, if I remember correctly.

User Info: Harie0

9 years ago#26
I usually have a harder time with Umbra since I usually don't have any great equipment/enchants when I face him.

User Info: Sektor_Gaza

9 years ago#27
Everybody is forgetting Divyath Fyr ;_;

You know, the awesome Telvanni dude who made four sexy clones of himself to "keep him company in his old age?"

Level 60, IIRC
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User Info: MortimerMcMire

9 years ago#28
Divyath Fyr is such a baller. My favorite incestous old man.

Level really doesn't matter so much considering the "hardest" people are usually level 20 with jacked up stats or items, like gaenor. He's not level 20394823048234, they just gave him items with a decent amount of luck.
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User Info: Grandstreamer

9 years ago#29
I talked to Gaenor recently. I gave him some money twice, and when he asked a third time for 1,000 gold I denied just based on principle alone even though I had the money. Then he got pissed. And I thought...what the hell, lets fight. Attacked him. Nearly killed him, he teleported away.

Will he be returning to that same spot?

Also do you fight Divayth Fyre within the storyline or did you guys just randomly taunt + attack him?

I'm already done with the corprus disease part of the story, and if he has no other purpose I would REALLY like to kill him.

: )

User Info: Chocolatl

9 years ago#30
Yes, Gaenor WILL return, stronger, luckier, and much better armored.

Attacking Divayth Fyr is not part of any story line that I know of. I've never done it, myself.

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