Dwemer puzzle box

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User Info: fluffycow

8 years ago#1
After picking up the box, I got distracted by other quest and put it somewhere I thought I would remember. Well I forgot where that safe place was. I tried typing in player -> AddItem ''misc_dwrv_ark_cube00" 1 in the command thing and can't get it to work. Any ideas/suggestions.
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User Info: bluedove3

8 years ago#2
Well, I don't know if it helps, but I tested the cheat code you gave in my game and it worked just fine...
Make sure you are opening the console with ~ and inputting the text correctly. Can you get other codes to work?
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User Info: viperz_d

8 years ago#3
You can also try adding an NPC via construction set that sells the box.

User Info: C3rno

8 years ago#4
Try player->AddItem ''misc_dwrv_ark_cube00", 1

User Info: HETT

8 years ago#5
player -> AddItem ''misc_dwrv_ark_cube00" 1

No space between the operand, -> and the command, AddItem

Like, Player->AddItem, misc_dwrv_ark_cube00, 1

Cerno's post will work, too. :)

Ummm.... You don't need the quote marks, if the Object ID is a single word. The game uses the underline, _ and running words together like, aryongloveright to get around the need to use Quote marks.

Quote marks don't hurt, though. :)
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User Info: fluffycow

8 years ago#6
I would like to thank everyone for their help.
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Better to win by admitting sin than to lose with a halo

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