just picked this up, liking it so far

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User Info: VideoGameBlitz

6 years ago#1
only about 10 minutes into it lol, but im liking the gameplay and controls!

User Info: Sedated Cricket

Sedated Cricket
6 years ago#2
yeah its not a bad little title however I still think the first soul reaver game can never be topped

actually I'm towards the last 3/4 of Defiance at the moment and even compared to SR2 this last installment seems to pale in comparison to the high quality of SR and SR2. Defiance almost seems like an expansion for SR2 where we now get to play as both Raziel and Kain in the same game. I guess it's somewhat appropriate to end the two characters series by bringing them both into one game at the end. Though I am completely unfarmiliar with Kain's backstory being described in BLood Omen 1 and 2 since I have never played them.

Did you play the first soul reaver game for psone? I don't imagine I would have cared for SR2 if I hadn't played the first game. It was pretty amazing at the time it first came out.
just play the game... worry about your sanity afterwards ~riddlebox89
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  3. just picked this up, liking it so far

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