how to aim without firing?

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User Info: younesboul

9 years ago#1
Hello, I'm new at MGS2 on PS2 and i'm having a hard time aiming without firing. Is there a way to look in first person view, take aim then putdown the weapon without firing? I would like to perform the "hold-up for dog tag" move without firing a tranq. in the neck of the soldier! thanks

User Info: AuFox80

9 years ago#2
The buttons are pressure sensitive, so instead of pressing all the way down, press on square enough to bring up the gun. Then, you can release the button to lower the gun. Or, you can unequip your weapon by pressing R2 once. If you do the latter, make sure the enemy can't see you, otherwise, he won't be passive anymore.
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User Info: Adair

9 years ago#3
copy'd and paste'd from a post I made a few days ago:

In MGS2 L1 is basically your auto aim. Not only does it train your gun on a nearby enemy in first person view, but if you equip a pistol then hold down Square and L1 then you can run around with some aiming help in third person.

Tips for beginners:
This next part may seem complex, but when you get in the routine of it I think you'll like it:
The best way to take down a single enemy in my opinion is to observe their movements for a bit. When you know they will have their back turned for long enough run up behind them with the pistol equipped and hold Square to make them freeze. When they freeze you keep holding Square and then hold L1 so that you can run around in front of them (if you bump into them they'll make a small sound that another really close guard can hear). Once in front let go of L1 and you can aim in first person at head or crotch to get them to drop dogtags and rations or ammo.
Once you get the items out of them hold L1 and run back behind them. Now you can let go of L1 and click R2 once to unequip your pistol, then you can finaly let go of Square which you should have been holding the whole time. At this point you can either choke them slowly until they get dazed or choke them quickly to kill them quietly without using ammo. I recommend killing them unless you are trying to get no kills, but a beginner will probably want to play the game with kills the first time.
Tip: When a guard is held up and you are not in front of him holding a gun at him he will try to escape after a bit to radio for back up so don't delay once you've got him to freeze or after you've gotten items and ran around back of him again.
Tip: If you knock a guard down and want to make them freeze as soon as they get up without an alert then you have to act in a small window of time. If you try to freeze them while they are only half way up they may be too dazed to hear you, if you act too late then they spin around and see you. Try getting them to freeze when they are almost fully back upright.

User Info: Adair

9 years ago#4
My above post is for pistol use only, if you want to aim a machine gun then do what AuFox described.

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