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User Info: tazerhater

4 years ago#1
S3 plan? or was it a coincidence he showed up? did the patriots tip him to show up?

User Info: BlitzKing900

4 years ago#2
I haven't played this in a while but IIRC the Colonel AI(?) says that the only variable that was unforeseen was the presence of the real Solid Snake.
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User Info: Monza_Man_

4 years ago#3
I honestly think he was tipped by the patriots to show up without GW knowing. I think the reason why this happened was because the patriots wanted to see if GW could even work it's way around this unforeseen variable and still solve the crisis that it was presented with. It would also explain the mysterious contributor on the list of patriots that Otacon mentioned at the end of the game, although I don't know how it would have tied in with them being dead for 100 years (pseudonym's perhaps?)

But then MGS4 came along and retconned the whole thing.
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User Info: Threesixtyci

4 years ago#4
Hideo was making it up as he went... the story has no real logic to it. Which is why MGS4's story is so convoluted.
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