Max Payne Sound on Steam and Vista

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User Info: Mercanis

8 years ago#1

I recently bought Max Payne via Steam on a Vista PC, and I encountered sound glitches that I managed to fix after looking around for a few minutes. Here's what I did so future users need not figure this out for themselves.

First, I followed the instructions at the 3DRealms forums,

but I had to make some slight adjustments:

Whevener the post refers to "C:/Games/Max Payne", instead substitute your "steam/steamapps/common/maxpayne" directory.You don't need to install the 1.05 patch.The installer for Max FX Tools can be found at the MANUAL instructions the 3DRealms poster lists first. His automating batch file at the end of the post did not work for me.After following the above, viola! Working sound.

User Info: ZokeThe2nd

8 years ago#2
I'm in the same boat. I was a big fan of Max Payne on the consoles and Steam just had 30% of their Rockstar games so it was $10 for both games, but the sound was really awful. I went to the site you suggested and found this further down in the posts;

All you have to do is download the files, put them in your Max Payne directory and let it run. Works like a charm and takes about five minutes. Easy.
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User Info: Mercanis

8 years ago#3
Thanks for information. I guess I didn't read far enough down the thread to get the quick fix.

User Info: sonkatekercs

8 years ago#4
Thanks a ton!

User Info: SongeeX

8 years ago#5

I have managed to fix the same problem on Vista with this:

Much easyer. You just need to run *.bat file and wait a few minutes while this program does job for you. :D

User Info: wexer9

8 years ago#6
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User Info: glenster

8 years ago#7
If you've installed the game with Vista, a Creative audio card, and Creative
ALchemy (available in the Creative download section for your card), go to All
Programs > Creative > ALchemy and open Creative ALchemy. "Max Payne" will be
listed under "Installed Games." Highlight "Max Payne" and click "Add," which
makes Max Payne appear under "ALchemy-enabled Games," or some of the audio of
the game will be missing or distorted.

User Info: 0678

8 years ago#8
i followed the instructions to the letter to get my version to work on steam but i get a error message that says "Exception in engineInit: X_SharedDB: Weapons "empty" and "empty" had same ID". please how can i fix this?. even after deleting the local files from my steam profile and system i cant play the game any more :( please help me.

User Info: 0678

8 years ago#9
well i managed to get the game working again. but it had no sound (same as before when attempting this fix) no matter how hard i try i cant get this fix to work without coming back to that error in my previous post. because the game is in my steam files i cant skip the progames 86 file in the extraction process and neither can i install the game straight to my C:\ drive like it says in the person who made the programs guide any advice would be great coz i hate having a police siren sound when max reloads his shotgun even more so then the utter silence i get through out cut scenes! :'(

User Info: Keikogi

8 years ago#10
creative alchemy ftw, thats why i love soundblaster cards. they will always give you support for what doesnt work right. i remember gta san andreas was funky and i heard rockstar worked with creative to fix the problems with eax and the game.

vista is mainly at fault....i cant wait for max payne 3 though im gonna replay this one on hard boiled
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