Games like freelancer?

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User Info: Xplosiv210

9 years ago#1
I love this game, but the huge problem is for some reason it CRASHES my PC on a jump gate! I tried reinstalling it, EVEN reinstalling my whole computer, also tried patches, etc etc etc.

Still the game crashes my whole PC on jump gates... so I had to get rid of this wonderful game.

I still want to play a space sim like freelancer though. can you guys tell me any other games like this?

So far I have tried X3, but its Way too complicated and not really fun. Graphics are great though.

I am also trying Darkstar One soon, so I hope that is a good game.

Any other ones? Ive read many reviews where people say "like so many games in this genre"...but I have yet to find any other freelancer type space sims...

Thanks for any replies.

User Info: Wing_Phoenix

9 years ago#2
Either Privateer or Privateer 2: The Darkening, the Elite series, and the Escape Velocity games come to mind.
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User Info: triple88a

9 years ago#3
I just purchased some game called "FREESPACE".. look up videos on youtube.. its suppose to be just like freelancer.

User Info: cogadh

9 years ago#4

Freespace... wow, there's a blast from the past... that game is about 10 years old now, so if you are looking for a game that is similar in gameplay and graphics, Freespace ain't it. It's in the same class as games like "X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter" and "Wing Commander". Definitely a good game, though.

If you are into the whole MMO scene, there are a few options that might meet your needs. Eve Online is somewhat similar to Freelancer, though it did remind me of X2/X3 in terms of the learning curve required. There are also a couple MMO games that I haven't tried myself, but I've heard are quite similar to Freelancer; one is called Jumpgate and the other is called Allegiance.

User Info: PyroDillbrain

9 years ago#5
If your PC can't handle jump gates in FL there's no way in hell it'll handle DS1.

User Info: EmoBenji

9 years ago#6
What his computer can handle is irrelevant, it just doesn't like Freelancer jumpgates. They're no more demanding than the rest of the game.
Plasma Kat.
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User Info: Aristes

9 years ago#7
I watched Electric playground this week and it had a new one previewed but i cant remember what the name of it is. Ill try and catch it again later tonight and see what it is.

User Info: iDontPledge

9 years ago#8
As far as the game crashing during jump gates,try disabling 3D Sound,it fixed the same issue for me.
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User Info: freelancer672

9 years ago#9
my freelancer does not work cause i put to meny mods on it now i did the lot but now im just loking for a very simlar game 2

User Info: amendy

9 years ago#10
Elite, or rather 'Oolite' is a very old game that is pretty much what popped into my head when I first heard of Freelancer. Oolite is the redevelopment of Elite. Theres a message board for it here:
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