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User Info: Azreal87

9 years ago#1
Ok so i've been working at this for over 2 months now and no one seems to have an answer. i've been to the emutalk forums and they were no help so im putting my issue in your hands. I f you can help thanks a bunch.

So I've got the the Summer Slam mod for the No Mercy ROM.
I've placed every thing were every site has told me to place it.
For some odd reason under settings/graphics plugins ....no matter how many times I redownload the source code for Rice video beta 10 ......the only other option the menue gives me....is 6.1.4....with no beta 10

This does not seem to be a big issue correct me if im wrong. But i can start up the the game it will load the hi res textures but when it comes down to it I will go to exhibition and when it comes time to choose the wrestler the pictures for the new roster are there ie first slot is Batista, but the actual character and name that shows up is The Rock...with his respective move set.

So im not getting the new move sets and im not getting the new characters but the new interface is there....ie new arenas, character photos, the new crowd, new belts.

this is every thing I have
I've downloaded the rice video plugin 6.1.4 and the (RiceVideo6.1.1beta10),(RiceVideo-6.1.1beta10-src), and (BMGlib)----this is placed in the main P64 folder and the two others in

Program Files/Project64 1.6/Pugin

I placed the the hires_textures from the Mod in
Program Files/Project64 1.6/Pugin

and the entire Summer Slam Mod in
Program Files/Project64 1.6

Here is a pic of my prob
<a href="http://s541.photobucket.com/albums/gg376/azreal987/?action=view&current=Help.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i541.photobucket.com/albums/gg376/azreal987/Help.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

Thank you

User Info: snesmaster40

9 years ago#2
The problem is:
- You haven't copied over the save file
- You haven't turned on the cheats

Also the Rice plugin you're using is the right one.
No Mercy Zone - http://thenomercyzone.clicdev.com/f/
SRWG-W - http://www.srwg-w.org/

User Info: Azreal87

9 years ago#3
I was just reading through the board and was remined to turn on the cheats the problem is I do not have them.And i cant seem to find them in the mod folder.

Second I have read about the copying over the save file I just don't know where the save file is. if i go under setting I can see the path to the save file in Project 64 but it is not a file I can actualy open/see when i'm in the PJ64 folder.....if that as nothing to do with it which im sure it doesnt im almost there.

User Info: Azreal87

9 years ago#4
Any way some one can explain how to scrounge up the codes i'm missing.....or how to cope over the save file..im so lost....it like i've been walking in circles for 2 months. at least you guys know whats going on here. :)
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