WWF No Mercy 2012 Mod Game (New Link R.I.P. Megaupload)

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User Info: acethunder123

6 years ago#1
WWF No Mercy - One Hole Week Of Wrestling 2012


Hey everybody I released a mod save in 2010 with works I
edited, made move sets and the whole nine.

This time I edited music, made new attires, entrance attires
,new portraits and even name bars that go over the attitude

I'm not taking all the credit (for the angry trolls) just in
case anybody is looking for some BS excuse to piss themselves. Just
letting it be known I bust my ass in regard to contributing
to this project.

Well mod credit and big thanks go to at least:
King Kanyon
A Bird15
Super Luigi

And hack codes go to most importantly, Halo Over Head whose made me moves I requested in times of desperate need.

And also everybody at NMZ who keep everyone in the entire world off the site. I copy and pasted damn near every hack I could find once they slipped up and registered me.

There are hacks in the actual mod and I put tons of codes in notepad files the zip .

Sad part is a lot of the works don't have the author's names and that NMZ are too elitist to simply share with everybody ho just want to play some No Mercy.

Well anyhow I'll let it speak for itself.



Female Wrestling

A Sin Cara that doesn't botch..........lol.

Championship Caliber Action

Relive Storylines

Money In The Bank Briefcase

Even a "How To Start" video for those who never even played a mod save before.

User Info: DrEaM_420

5 years ago#2
This is pretty sweet man thanks a lot, maybe I need to find a hack that has more characters or something...doesn't seem like this roster is big..or maybe its not loading right..at first it was loading slow, then I changed some configs.

User Info: FearOfNothing

5 years ago#3
Can someone explain to me how to get this mod to work? I have followed the steps over and over and over again. Yet when the game loads up it never loads the modded textures. I downloaded the Rice plugin, all the .dll files yet it still doesn't load correctly. Any help on how to make this work would be greatly appreciated.

User Info: mister yummy

mister yummy
5 years ago#4
This is one of the best looking mods i've seen. Finally, one that doesn't use high res textures, and still looks like nintendo 64
I Wish more people wanted to play Video Games with me.
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User Info: acethunder123

5 years ago#5
Wow guys sorry I missed the feedback didn't get a chance to check out the post in a while.

DrEaM_420: I'm not sure what you mean except for the fact that I didn't put created characters in this mod yet I did use the GBA CAW (Sheamus) besides that focused on moveset codes. figured I would leave room for people to add who they wanted.

FearOfNothing: Wow I put that vid in the download for those who were either new to mods or just didn't know how to setup. I sent you back a pm. But if anything just hit me up on Youtube so the message pops up on gmail account so I can help you out bud.

Mister Yummy:Um it is hi-res guy. Oh and thank you for enjoying it.

User Info: rocketworussia

5 years ago#6
what cheats do i turn on?

User Info: QQGG

5 years ago#7
Nice job, TC. It's refreshing to see how helpful you are when others ask questions, both on here and on Youtube. :)
...my heart of gold is stained and cracked, decreased in value; if I pawned it whole, would I make it back?

User Info: Granado6

5 years ago#8
This is really nice looking. You can see the sweat shine. Dude do you have any tutorials on how to do this? I want to do a mod for WWF Wrestlemania 2000. But I only want to change the standing ariel long flip attack into a laying down arie move. Can you give me some advice?
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