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User Info: WickedSickJosh

4 years ago#1
So I was curious as to whether the "Original" parts in CAW are there as just extras or if they really belong to any other real-life wrestlers. For example, the face paint "Kanji" and tattoo "Original 7" go to a real-life Japanese wrestler (for the life of me I can't remember his name). I'm guessing these extra CAW pieces go to japanese wrestlers so if anyone can help me feel the blanks:

Bat Mask:
Kabuki Paint:

Lower body-
Shorts Original 1: (logo looks pretty specific but doesn't look familiar)
Shorts Original 2:
Long Original 1:
Long Original 2:
Long Original 3:
Long Original 4: Sabu?

Upper body -
Original 1: (has the same logo and color of "Lowerbody Short Original 1")
Original 2: Bret Hart knockoff?

Tattoo -
Tribal 1: Droz
Tribal 2:
Original 2: Raven?
Original 3:
Original 4:
Original 5:
Original 6:
Original 7:
Original 8: Mideon

There's also a ton of different boots too. If anyone can help me out if would be much appreciated. :)
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User Info: MachoMan73

4 years ago#2
The Kanji mask belongs to the Japanese wrestler Hakushi, along with tattoo Original 7.

Tattoo Original 2 is Raven's.

If you look at the FAQs, there is a guide for faces. A bunch of the faces are left from VPW. It wouldn't surprise me if some of the other things are also from VPW, or even just generic patterns.

They were kind enough to put in Hulk Hogan's facial hair and entrance attire (without turning on my game, I think it is called Showster)

User Info: BrianCraigSmith

4 years ago#3
^You're right it is called Showster from the time that Big Show impersonated Hogan. And I'm not really sure about where the Original parts come from, but perhaps they were inspired by a Japanese wrestler(s) as mentioned, or maybe one of the developers wanted something in the game to his/her self.
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User Info: ChaseXtreme

4 years ago#4
What I think of some attires:
Attire (Short) Cut Jeans 4: Droz
Attire (Long) Original 4: I may be wrong, but I'm reminded of Sabu
Attire (Long) Long Tights (Mankind original)

Upper (Sleeve L) Gothic: Gangrel
Upper (No Sleeve) Original 2: Always reminded of Brooklyn Brawler

Feet: (Most I can identify are in game already)
(Boots 1) Boots 5: Raven?
(Boots 1) Boots 7: I believe old school Edge
(Boots 1) Boots 12 & 13: Dudleyz
(Leg Guards): Padded DX ones are obvious
(Boots 2) Pull-ons 7: Brood
(Boots 2) Pull-ons 10: Jerry Lawler
(Boots 2) Pull-ons 16: Austin

Bat: I'm sure this is supposed to be either very old-school Hawk or a version of it that isn't a complete rip-off
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