2010 already?

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User Info: Troy Mclure

Troy Mclure
7 years ago#1
I created this account specifically for this game. 9 years O.o
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User Info: Metal Mulitia

Metal Mulitia
7 years ago#2
I think I remember playing against you, or some other online dc game
GT: skiizim psN: skiizim wiiFC: ? lazy to check

User Info: Mic

7 years ago#3
I did as well man... and I still come every day... it's kinda sad lol

User Info: FenixStryk

7 years ago#4
I miss this game so hard... it disappeared so quickly, didn't even last a year. No remakes... just, gone.

I used to play under the tag HKnight at the time. Alien Light for speed and weaponry.
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