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how do you offer to halcyon?

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User Info: codythelucky

8 years ago#1
i did the quest to get the new alter but nothing happens when i click the alter so i talked to the priest he he said "yes...if you go to the alter it will tell you what you need to do..." but nothing happens

User Info: MooseUpNorth

8 years ago#2
You might want to check the FAQs, which cover this quest fairly thoroughly. IIRC, halcyon's altar got busted up, and needs you to bring a replacement stone from a quarry along the mountain range not very far from Shrouded Hills. The stone is massive, so you may need Sodd Mead Mugg or another strength-specialist to haul it back for you.

There are two clickables on each altar, BTW. The altar itself which is a container, and a stone plaque mounted behind the altar upon which is written the instructions.

User Info: N3Burgener

8 years ago#3
From my understanding, you need to give sufficient offerings to the lesser gods before greater gods will accept offerings (ie, you have to work you way up to the top tier).
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User Info: N3Burgener

8 years ago#4
More accurately, from one of the guides:

Ter’el, Makaal, Alberich, Geshtianna, and then Halcyon
«N3B™ was here» • [PDBA 4EVR]
Chicks dig bishops ~ Jedi-Ninja SkillZ

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