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User Info: MikthePig

8 years ago#1
i've ordered this game and it will be coming soon

just looking up on it, having followers is it the same as Fallout where your charisma platys apart in how many you can have


User Info: Sinroth

8 years ago#2
Haven't played Fallout, but Charisma does play a part in how many Followers you can have (i.e; the more Charisma, the more maximum followers)
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User Info: MikthePig

8 years ago#3
cool how does it work, i think Fallout was if you had 8 charisma, you divide by two, so you could have 4 followers does it work like that

looking forward to playing this, also without starting a new topic do i need to patch it straight away

User Info: Drak_Swordsman

8 years ago#4
I think you should patch it, patching fixes some bugs (though there are still alot of bugs).

You can get one follower for every 4 Charisma. Also, becoming an Expert in Persuasion nets you another follower. And finally, some followers, such as the Dog, ignore Charisma.
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User Info: DokEnkephalin

8 years ago#5
Actual non-player character followers are limited by charisma + Master Persuasion perk, but Dog doesn't count against that limit, as noted, and you can also have a Familiar that's pretty impressive at max magical aptitude, it's also a permanent follower that doesn't count against your total. Then you can have as many raised undead, dominated, or summoned as you can sustain with your magick or chemicals, and you can get as many mechs as you can build.

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User Info: Waffen8888

8 years ago#6
I personally gather everyone that talks in the game. Though you lack the space for 2 of them I think. Anyone know if using that Domination exploit you could get them to tag along as well?
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User Info: DokEnkephalin

8 years ago#7
Not really. You won't get their voiced dialog, or most of their dialog, and the spell wears off if you sleep or fast travel. After the spell wears off they still hate you, so you'll have to kill or evade them, or otherwise get rid of them.

User Info: MikthePig

8 years ago#8
just got the game but have no manual, n my party is Virgil and Magnus both voiced does that mean i can have no more voiced followers

also what is my maximum character followers as in can i have Magnus, Virgil,Gar and Sogg Mead i think thats his name in one party with the right amount of charisma and persuasion

User Info: BuriBuriZaemon

8 years ago#9
Out of all the followers in the game, there are like 6-7 who have voice acting. Virgil and Magnus are the ones you get the earliest. There are more as you progress through the story. What only matters is to get these voiced followers, not how many you have currently.

As for the number of followers you can have at any one point, it depends on your CHA. I've been playing too many games lately so I might get this mixed up, but I guess it's CHA/4?
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User Info: MikthePig

8 years ago#10
i know people are going to get pretty sick of me asking, but is there a follower limit, from what i've read you can get a maximum of 20 points in charisma so that means 5 followers max plus having more persuasion can get me an extra follower, i'm excluding any summoned or made followers, i mean real characters in the game

and for voiced followers i take it in order to get Gar i have to get rid of either Virgil or Magnus

sorry for all the questions

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