New Character Portraits

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User Info: bushwhacker2k7

8 years ago#1
I saw a post about character portraits but it seems to have been solved, I have searched around a nice bit and can't find any decent character portraits.

Can anyone give me a link to some portraits that AREN'T ugly as hell?

GT - Bushwhacker2k

User Info: Chao_Yun

8 years ago#2
You can use any bmp, just look around for how to use it. I stupidly posted here, but it took me about a 10 minute look to find the answer to my question, so I felt I deserved the answer as punishment.
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User Info: bushwhacker2k7

8 years ago#3
Really? I searched for half an hour on google for portraits and I found something that said they had portraits but I couldn't find anything...
GT - Bushwhacker2k

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