What's so great about the Teleportation spell??

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  3. What's so great about the Teleportation spell??

User Info: AdamKesher2001

6 years ago#1
I heard a lot of great things about it. So, I went and used my char points to get it and I'm disappointed. I thought it would be something involving combat, like a Baldur's Gate high level mage spell or something.

But it just takes you wherever you want in Arcanum. What's so good about that?? Traveling by foot would net me a ton of experience pts. while giving me easy battles, so why not do that instead?
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User Info: the_dracolich

6 years ago#2
Well, encounters start to get annoying later in the game, especially when you get to level 50 (unless you're using a level cap remover). And it's convenient that you don't have to leave the city limits in order to travel, which can be annoying in big cities like Tarant and Caladon. Another good use for it is that you can visit places on the other side of the mountains much earlier before finding about the pass (if you get Teleport relatively early). And you also can use it to get to Thanatos without the need to buy or acquire a ship by other means. It's not a must have spell, but it's really fun to have, and saves time.
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User Info: Haganegiri

6 years ago#3
Yeah, traveling gets so bloody tedious later.

Being able to poof around is very nice.

User Info: OldAlchemist

6 years ago#4
What's that? An early Azram's Star? Xena says, "Catch!"

User Info: Hamstah_Fwend

6 years ago#5
If you're a huge fan of Virgil, you can also use it to get around him leaving the party by not exiting the dark elf city the normal way.
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  3. What's so great about the Teleportation spell??

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