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User Info: SubSane

8 years ago#1
So I know anyone who was around back then is aware that a Platinum Medals guide was in the works. It looks like any community that was here more or less moved along to bigger and better things but this particular guide is one that I feel should make it online, at the very least to help folks because that is the point of this site after all.

I realize such a guide is desired to be 'perfect' before being released but the quest for perfection is an endless one and at this point it might be best to go through the Plat hunt topics (all archived) and start working on this. I'll fully admit that I wasn't the best at formulating these strategies so I'm hoping to find folks who are interested in helping with this, which will involve taking the original strategies as posted on the forum, testing them, and making any improvements. I can be contacted via
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