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User Info: lodis

8 years ago#1
In an interview recently, the Ivalice Alliance (the Square Enix development team behind the legendary titles Final Fantasy Tactics (Advance), Final Fantasy XII, and Vagrant Story) had a roundtable chat, so to speak, about the future of their games, of Ivalice, and what's going to happen on the PSP. Feel free to check out the discussion about all things Ivalice, but we're only interested in one segment of the discussion -- and that's Vagrant Story.

Vagrant Story is the only game that hasn't gotten some form of remake or sequel and with the release of Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, it seems like it would be logical for it to return. On this idea, the Ivalice Alliance responds: "Vagrant Story was a title that pushed the PS one to its limits. The technical hurdles in porting it to the PSP would be extremely high. Of course, I think it's the next natural candidate for such an update, and there's no denying its extreme popularity overseas."

When asked if the hero, Ashley Riot, could appear in some other Ivalice title, there is a hint of a sequel if you're good at reading between these lines: "Even in Vagrant Story, there's really not that much we learn about Ashley Riot. Without knowing more about him, it would be difficult to include him in another title." We could learn more about him in, say, Vagrant Story 2: The Wanderer. Just an opinion.
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User Info: mixcal

8 years ago#2
Lets hope to God its true

User Info: xenosaga123

8 years ago#3
PSP is an awful choice. I'd rather see it released on PS2 if they are gonna use previous generation hardware to develop and play it on.

why pay about 100 dollars for a PSP when I can play PS2 games that control
better and look better on a TV screen as opposed to that mail slot mess?

I wouldnt even buy a PSP for Dissidia.

User Info: xenosaga123

8 years ago#4
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: xenosaga123

8 years ago#5
well whatever platform they choose, I'm sure they'll do a good job.

User Info: GlassShard

8 years ago#6
A PSP Vagrant Story port would be pretty sweet. I've played through the game a few times on PSP already and except for a bit of slow-down here and there it runs flawlessly, so I don't imagine a port would be all that difficult to do. Some new dungeons maybe, some more hidden bosses, maybe tweak the menus a bit and let you program in a few weapon/armour presets that you can toggle between.

A VS sequel though? Considering that the man behind Vagrant Story is no longer with Squeenix, I'd rather they leave his creation alone. I don't trust the current Squeenix staff with Ivalice, and I don't think they have the talent or the vision to pull off anything like Vagrant Story on their own again. Their sequel would be populated by ridiculously garbed teenagers with pointy hair, and fifty percent of the game would be elaborate midair FMV swordfights. I enjoyed FFXII immensely but I get the feeling that the bits I really liked are all Matsuno's doing, and the bits that bugged me are what was added by the people who took over for him when he left. If they did try and follow-up VS I'm almost certain it would be targeted at a younger audience and would lose a lot of the things that make the first game so endearing.

So a port? Awesome. A sequel? Do not want.

User Info: AshleyRiot2006

8 years ago#7
Anyone who can be "fired" can be "rehired" . Square-Enix needs to "commission" Matsuno to make a Vagrant Story redux, sequel, prequel, whatever.
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User Info: Mir_Vimes

8 years ago#8
how about a vagrant story prequal? origin of the dark, that mullenwhatsherface,...

User Info: ChaoS_RagorA

8 years ago#9
I wouldnt really like any for of sequal/prequal to the Vagrant story game, the story was a classic and its far superior to modern day standards of story. Most RPG games these days sellout going for big graphics and fights when what they should count on is story.

any continuation to the story made today would ruin the plot of the original and give the 'series' it became a bad name and reputation.

As for a port of the game to PSP, why would anyone want that? and why would they want and they definatly dont need to change it in anyway. The Original PS version is perfect and flawless, and I and many others ar perfectly fine with playing it on the PS/PS2 anyway, why would we want to play it on a tiny little screen, much less why would we want it modified in any way.

Although I think they should do something to re-release it in someway, preferably on the PS2 or maybe on the PS3online/XboxLive as a downloadable game, because the original PS version is becoming abit of a rarity to find these days.
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User Info: Rinoa Destiny

Rinoa Destiny
8 years ago#10
GlassShard, are you *the* GlassShard on Deviantart? If so, nice to see you here!
There is no growth without birth. Without a foothold in the past, we cannot walk towards the future. - VS
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