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User Info: unknownmist

8 years ago#1
Hi guys I have a problem using Hamachi to play this game. It actually worked fine before. But then I got a virus and used winsock fix and cleaned my registry and stuff and then Hamachi no longer works for me. My friends can't see my game, and I can't join theirs. I can play at igzones though. I am not behind any router, we are using same versions, hamachi is at the top of connections....... etc so i don't know whats wrong. Can anyone help? thanks

User Info: cpt_blasto

8 years ago#2
haha dude i have no idea

User Info: Scott_Kevill

8 years ago#3
If you were using Hamachi even when you had no router, I'm guessing it was because your friends had router problems.

Get your friends to all use . It's simpler and easier than Hamachi since it is designed for gaming with Age of Conquerors (Hamachi isn't), and is more reliable for networking.

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