No CD patch/no CD alternatives?

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User Info: moonroot

8 years ago#1

I was just wondering if this had a no cd patch yet. Used to play this game when I was 10-13 and now have a netbook on which it would be awesome to have a low req game like this (netbook doesn't have cd drive). Does one of the official patches have a no cd addition or do I have to resort to making a virtual cd thingamabob--if so could someone point me toward a good cd emulator program?


User Info: SeraphLance

8 years ago#2
There are cracks to the game (that I won't link to, as it's probably against the ToS). I don't think any official patches remove the CD requirement either.

As for good virtual disk drives, try Daemon Tools.
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User Info: HeyDude

8 years ago#3
If you own the real game, it is totally legal to make a software backup for yourself only. You make an ISO of the game CD using Alex Feinman's ISO Recorder (go to your disc drive, right-click it and hit "Create image from CD") and then you mount it using Daemon Tools or whatever other program you like for mounting ISOs. It's fairly easy.

User Info: Stiphilis

8 years ago#4
I think the 1.0e patch eliminates any CD requirement. The 1.0e patch can be found at

User Info: KotG Luvin

KotG Luvin
8 years ago#5
IGzones patch (might be 1.0e or whatever) also contains a nocd crack i believe.

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