What's CBA?

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User Info: HeyDude

7 years ago#1
I just got GameRanger and I'm not sure what CBA is. Can somebody explain it to me, please?

User Info: occupine

7 years ago#2
ok um if your 1.0c i can actualy show you.its an island,a giant one.everyone has 4 castles,4 towers,walls and gates.one of the gates(the one next to your castles)can be deleted do delete most of your walls,if you delete the front gates your auto booted.you do not have to make your units spawn,depending on your civ,depends on how fast your units spawn and how many you get.Each civ needs a certain amount of kills to advance through the ages.Every civ needs a certain amount of razes to get villagers.Poor huns need 5 razes.Britain only needs one.its always 4vs4.walling is a good technique if you know how to do it.the most recomended thing to do is:get vills > imperial age > build either stables,archery range,baracks or siege workshop(NOTE:YOU CANNOT BUILD CASTLES OR TOWN CENTERS)you have your own personal little island behind the main one.there is one blacksmith,one university.a king(your kill counter)a siege ram(your raze counter) and a spawn relic/king wich is used to choose where your guys spawn.either close to your castles,outside your gate or in the middle of those too.this is not an ALL TECHNOLOGIES game.This is very fun if the civilizations are fair and your team isnt noob.When you have a noob team who doesnt talk or play a team game,you know you lose.If you delete a tower,you are auto booted.Buildings you have built can be deleted free of charge,no booting.Lose all 4 of your castles,you lose.Sara pwns persia,britain pwns teuts,byz and turks pwn huns(actualy almost everything pwn huns,they raze,not kill)and byz demolish the goths.Its all about what civ is the counter to another.If your lucky and you got teuts or persia or huns or something and they dont have a counter to your civ,you will demolish them.But thats if you have agood team.I hope this insight helps.COMPUTERS CAN NOT PLAY THIS MODE.
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User Info: Elfishguy11

7 years ago#3
Easier explanation:

CBA stands for Castle Blood Auto, each player has 4 castles, each castle spawns one of it's unique units after a set amount of time (depends on the civilisation), after you get a decent amount of units, send em out and try to take out your opponents, getting a raze (destroying a building) will get you villi's after a certain amount of times. It really ends up being quite a team game, and it's really fun sometimes, pretty crap other times.
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