What, exactly, is the difference between the difficulty levels?

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  3. What, exactly, is the difference between the difficulty levels?

User Info: Daranix

7 years ago#1
I know AI players will get a large starting resource boost, but does the AI actually get any smarter? And are there other differences?

Just asking because I tried 1v1 on hardest just for a change of pace and besides the fact the AI Castles around while I hit Feudal, I can't see much of a difference in the way they attack from what I see in hard.
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User Info: occupine

7 years ago#2
on easy/easiest the coms resign fast.on standard they dont advance untill you do and on moderate they advance before you,and rush.the harder they are,the more they rush/flank/ect
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User Info: BUM

7 years ago#3
Hardest computers "cheat" by giving themselves bonus resources when they need them.

User Info: Richyd13

7 years ago#4
it all honesty hard computers are harder than hardest.

its weird, but true. If you can beat the initial rush of a hardest computer then you won, they dont formulate much of an attack at any point after that. However a hard computer while they dont rush as fast they formulate better later stage attacks

User Info: chrispronger

7 years ago#5
Yeah, hard computers are more difficult than harest computers. I do not believe that easy to hard computers cheat, and personally I always play against hard computers. Hard computers will manage their military and economy fairly similar to the way that a human player will. Their advantage over a human is that they can give orders to every unit at once. For example, they can have archers retreat a bit and then take a shot when being attacked. All of the computers have a flaw though that they will only gather resources from their town and immediate surrounding areas and will not relocate when they run out. Hardest computers cheat by gaining (assumingly periodic) resources, but do not produce many vils nor gather many resources. Thus, if you can withstand their early rushes (up to about 1 hour) then they will quickly fall apart, because your economy will be much better than their cheating.
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User Info: kevo_penguin

7 years ago#6
On easier difficulties (not sure which exactly), if they attack your building, they simply attack the building.
On harder difficulties they actually attack the villagers building it.

I'm sure there are more differences but that was one of the immediate things I noticed. (I used to beat campaigns on easy by just walking up to their stuff and building castles lol)

User Info: Elfishguy11

7 years ago#7
Ai delete their buildings if you attack the vills building them.
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  3. What, exactly, is the difference between the difficulty levels?

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