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User Info: JD Fedule

JD Fedule
12 years ago#1
FF:CC Newbie FAQ, version 2.0

Weleome to the second edition of the FF:CC Newbie FAQ!

The answers to the questions no one need ever ask again!™

Sorry for the rather abrupt topic heading, but it's amazing how many people miss these things...

The Newbie FAQ is a list of questions (and answers) to the most commonly asked questions regarding the game. I can give you a very good assurance that whatever question you may have, we have an answer. Read below to find them.

Version 2.0 brings you more logical categorizing, entirely new questions and a few bug fixes here and there.


Questions are likely categorized neatly into these... categories.

(1) Playing Multiplayer - all things multiplayer. When you do and don't NEED a GBA, or another file, or even another memory card.
(2) Spell Fusion - how to fuse spells and what you can do with them.
(3) Mog and the GBA Maps - Mog, the things he does, and how to use him.
(4) The Chalice and the Elements - seeing as how it never leaves your sight, you'd better understand the thing.
(5) Dungeons, Artifacts and Cycles - what they are and how they all relate to eachother.
(6) How to fix the Jegon and how to Finish the Game - "How many years are there" was THE most common question...
(7) Families, Letters and Production Levels - the difference a little conversation makes.
(8) Characters - well, you wouldn't want to spend twenty years with someone you don't understand, would you?
(9) Weapons and Items - useful little tidbits about useful little tidbits.
(10) Puzzles - of course you have questions...
(11) Enemies and Bosses - like puzzles, only they kill you if you can't figure it out.
(12) Sidequests, your Material Needs, and Miscellaneous stuff - fun and money. What more can you ask?
(13) Statistics and Memories - numbers, bloody numbers.
(14 and beyond) You Ask Us - anything you think we've missed, or you don't understand, ask away.

To reach the section you need, use CTRL-F (Windows) or Command-F (Mac OS) and search for the heading name or number.

Each category will be in it's own post below.

First, however, I would like to thank the following for a range of things, from support to bringing stuff to my attention. Whether they meant to help or not, they all did, so thanks go out to:



Honourable Mention goes to The Great Yuffilator for pointing out a glaring omission in the previous NFAQ.

About bumping: A sticky request will be submitted. Until it is stickied, please bump this topic as you see fit, but once stickied, lay off, would'ja?

Finally, please don't post until I've posted the whole thing, mkay? - "My opinion isn't fact, but yours is wrong."
One man's blogger is another man's philosopher.

User Info: JD Fedule

JD Fedule
12 years ago#2
(1) GBAs and Multiplayer (1)

I heard you need a GBA to play this game. Is that true?

No. You don't *need* a GBA to play FF:CC, but it helps. A lot. Plugging a GBA into slot 2 in single player grants access to numerous features.

I want to play multiplayer but I don't have enough GBAs! How can I play multiplayer?

Sorry, you can't. It cannot be done. There is no way to do it, unless you're stupidly rich enough to buy four more TVs, four more GCNs and four Gameboy Players. But if you're that rich, you can go and buy the damn GBAs.

Can I use the characters from my single player game to play multiplayer?

Why, yes. Yes you can. However, to use him/her in an MP game, you must have an additional caravaner per player.

I want to play with my friend, but our characters are on different Memory Cards. What do I do?

Go to the menu on the World Map. Make sure both memory cards are inserted, and use the Bring a Friend option to send one caravaner to another file.

And when I'm done, how do I send my friend's character back?

The same way he came, with Bring a Friend. You can also go into your friends file and use the Bring a Friend menu to cancel his character's abroad status.

What are the limitations on guest characters?

They bring with them only their equipment (reset upon return) and their artifacts. This means that any additional equipment and items they have on them upon return will be lost, but artifacts carry over regardless. This is to stop people using the fuction to dupe items. - "My opinion isn't fact, but yours is wrong."
One man's blogger is another man's philosopher.

User Info: JD Fedule

JD Fedule
12 years ago#3
(2) Spell Fusion (2)

How do you fuse spells?

One simply places two or three orbs of magicite in adjacent slots in the command list. Weapons can also be fused with some spells. Mog will also periodically attempt to fuse spells using the multiplayer method below. If you're concerned about him specifically, read the Mog section.

The FAQs all say that Life with Fire/Thunder/Blizzard gives Holy, but when I tried, I ended up with Slow! What gives?

That's because you're using F/T/B and Life, not Life and F/T/B. Order is important when spell fusing.

Why doesn't spell fusion work in multiplayer?

Spell fusion in multiplayer is done very differently. To fuse spells in multiplayer, you need to have two people cast compatible spells at the same target simultaneously (for simple fusion) or consecutively (for more advanced spells). Try playing around with the spells and the number of casters for maximum destruction. Focus Attacks can also be used in this way.

How can I cast more powerful spells in multiplayer?

Timing is everything. One example - Fire and Fire simultaneously gives Fira, but Fire and Fire consecutively (with roughly half a second delay between the two) produces Firaga. Countless more examples exist, check the Spell Fusion FAQ here: ( - "My opinion isn't fact, but yours is wrong."
One man's blogger is another man's philosopher.

User Info: JD Fedule

JD Fedule
12 years ago#4
(3) Mog and the GBA Maps (3)

Mog sucks at spell fusion! How can I tell him what spell I want him to cast?

Normally, Mog will randomly cast either Fire, Thunder or Blizzard. However, if you paint him at a Moogle Nest, it will align him more toward a particular element. Red for fire, blue for blizzard and green for thunder.

In multiplayer, where's Mog? We need him to carry the chalice!

Sorry, no Mog in multiplayer. Besides causing unnecessary confusion for his AI, multiplayer removes any real need for him to exist. So carry the damn thing yourself.

How do you control what radar you get? I want the Map/Radar/Treasure/Scout!

In single player, the map you get is determined again by the colour you paint Mog. White gives the Map, red gives the Monster Radar, blue gives the Treasure Radar and green gives the Scout. In multiplayer, however, maps are distributed randomly to each player every time you enter a new area. Note that you have to be playing with two players to get the Monster Radar, three for the Treasure Radar or four for the Scout.

Cutting Mog's hair... why?

Let me put this simply. Imagine you're climbing an active volcano with lava everywhere, or exploring into the desert. Now imagine you have a nice thick fur coat. Yeah, you want to kill something, don't you? If Mog has long hair when going into hot locations (Mt Kilanda or Lynari Desert), he gets tired quicker forcing you to carry the chalice for a while. If he has short hair, he can hold it for longer. You know you're in trouble when he comments "It's so hot, Kupo!". However, a "It's nice and cool, Kupo!" is good.

ARGH! He's too slow!

Unless you're under the influence of Haste, you can't outrun Mog. Two explanations exist. Either he's caught behind a rock or something (his AI isn't too smart) or he's tired. He will comment when tired. Press X to make him drop the chalice and do him a favour - shoulder his burden for a while until he offers to help you again. - "My opinion isn't fact, but yours is wrong."
One man's blogger is another man's philosopher.

User Info: JD Fedule

JD Fedule
12 years ago#5
(4) The Chalice and the Elements (4)

What does the colour of the crystal mean?

It serves two purposes. It gives you one level of immunity against a particular element, and it also determines which Miasma Streams you can cross.

Level of immunity? What's that?

It's all to do with strength of elemental attacks. Lv 1 immunity against Thunder will protect you against getting shocked by Thunder magic but not by Thundara or Thundaga.

Obviously a crystal with a Fire element protects against Fire. What about Wind, Water and Earth?

Wind protects against Thunder, and Water against Ice. Earth protects against the status changes Poison and Petrification. - "My opinion isn't fact, but yours is wrong."
One man's blogger is another man's philosopher.

User Info: JD Fedule

JD Fedule
12 years ago#6
(5) Dungeons, Artifacts and Cycles (5)

What are cycles? All the artifact FAQs talk about cycles, but what are they?

A cycle is a level's difficulty stage. The first time you visit a location, it is on "cycle 1". After you beat the level and retrieve the Myrrh drop, the level remains on cycle 1 until the Myrrh regenerates (this takes four more Myrrh collections), at which point it advances to cycle 2. Repeat for cycle 3. This is the highest cycle, and cycle 3 stages do not reset to cycle 1. Other than increased difficulty, higher cycles offer better artifact rewards.

So if I play a level, beat it, and wait four years, it will be on Cycle 3?

No. Levels advance one cycle at a time, and must be cleared on one cycle before they can advance to the next.

What are Artifact Sets?

You can retrieve a maximum of eight artifacts at the end of a level, though you may keep only one. Four of these are found within the level itself, and you'll know which ones they are. The other four are dropped by the boss. There are eight possible combinations of artifacts you can receive from the boss, and the set you get is determined by the cycle you are in and the bonus points you rack up during the level.

The FAQs said I got enough points to get [high artifact set] but I only got [lower set]. What gives?

Bonus points are only half of it - the rest is luck. If you got the top score, congrats, but all it means is that the highest available set is entered into a random draw for the set you get. What that means is that if you get the top score needed, you have a 1/4 chance of getting the highest set. If you get a very low score, however, you have a 100% chance of getting the lowest set.

OK then, how do you get more points?

Depends. Each time kill an enemy, open a chest or pick up an item, you get a point. Simple, huh? You also have a bonus condition which is either a do or a don't and grants you up to 100 additional points - if it's a do, you get points for fulfilling the condition, if it's a don't, you start with 100 and lose points when you break the rule. The condition is random. Furthermore, in multiplayer games, each player has a separate condition.

The stupid game didn't tell me about my bonus until the end of the level when it was too late! How can I find out what it is before?

This is one of the luxuries available to you if you plug in a GBA. Sorry, it's the only way. - "My opinion isn't fact, but yours is wrong."
One man's blogger is another man's philosopher.

User Info: JD Fedule

JD Fedule
12 years ago#7
(6) How to fix the Jegon and How to Finish the Game (6)

Go on... how do you fix the Jegon?

IF YOU CAN... head to Veo Lu Sluice and cast Life (or use Phoenix Downs) on the six pumpflower plants, and finish the stage normally. If Veo Lu is beyond your reach, you can wait until Year 8. The problem regularly reoccurs, however. Once you've sorted out Veo Lu, however, the problem will *never* occur again.

But I can't get any Myrrh! The second Miasma Stream has the Earth element which I cannot get at either Cathuriges or Mushroom Forest, and the Jegon is dried up! None of the Myrrh Trees are working! Where can I get some Myrrh?

Calm down and think about any other places you might be able to get a boat. Hmm? OK, OK, fine, the boat is at Port Tipa. Go there and check out Mt Kilanda or Leuda. Preferably Leuda.

I'm on [year x]... just how many years are there?

As many as you want or need. Minimum of five, however.

OK, I'm on [year x] and it's getting tiresome. When can I wrap up the story?

You can end the game at any point from Year 5 onwards, although it is recommended you do some levelling beforehand in order to match up to the final opponents. You can't ever run out of time.

Great, but how do I do it?

You need to gather a set of clues, solve one last puzzle, and raid the final level. Simple, really. This is not a walkthrough, though, so please, let's promptly derail this train of thought.

When the Final Boss bites the dust, can you keep playing?

For storyline reasons, the conclusion of the plot requires the termination of gameplay. You can, however, reload your save from before the final dungeon and keep playing that way. There are no save points beyond the "point of no return". - "My opinion isn't fact, but yours is wrong."
One man's blogger is another man's philosopher.

User Info: JD Fedule

JD Fedule
12 years ago#8
(7) Families, Letters and Production Levels (7)

I'm sending nice letters to my family, but they're not improving their services! What's going on?

Simply put, letters have nothing to do with production. The ONLY thing you need to do to level a family up is to talk to the father twice at the start of each new year. The level up effects take place at the start of the following year. Merchants*, Blacksmiths* and Tailors* level up three times, Alchemists level up twelve times, and Millers, Farmers, Ranchers and Fishermen continue to shower you with produce.

*Interesting Observation: Merchants, Blacksmiths and Tailors share a special relationship. If you level up a Merchant/Blacksmith/Tailor to Lv 3 or 4 (max), and then attempt to level up another of those three, the latter will, when the change occurs, immediately match the highest level of the three.

I've levelled up my own family, but how do I level up other families?

At the beginning of each year, leave Tipa (or whatever name you called it), change characters to the child of the relevant family, enter Tipa and talk to the relevant father.

I did what you said but nothing happened?

Once you talk to the father twice, the change happens at the beginning of the next year. So check again then.

I have a fully levelled Blacksmith/Tailor, but he won't forge me a simple item! Help?

Ask around. Different Blacksmiths have different abilities. As a rule, you won't be able to get weapons and armour with special or elemental abilities from your town tradesmen, so check around in Marr's Pass or Alfitaria. - "My opinion isn't fact, but yours is wrong."
One man's blogger is another man's philosopher.

User Info: JD Fedule

JD Fedule
12 years ago#9
(8) Characters (8)

What's the best tribe to pick?

There is no answer to this. It depends on your style, really.

Clavats are fairly rounded although biased towards defense. They have access to the Gaia Plate and Chocobo Shield, the best defensive items in the game. They have no other benefits or problems, and they can select a wide range of feature-improving accessories for faster spells, focus attacks, etc as you wish. They have a solid defensive technique that blocks most frontal attacks.

Lilties are heavily geared towards offense, have high strength and consistently better weapons, culminating in THE most powerful weapon in the game, all theirs. They get accessories to further improve offense, and have a decent defend technique despite lower defense than Clavats. Beware, however, of the considerable handicap on spell charging time, however.

Yukes favour magical attacks, choosing to forgo strength. Yukes have an immediate advantage in the Magic stat and shave about a second off ALL spell charge times, even adding extra range to boot. Their focus attacks are subpar at best, though, and take extra time to charge as well as getting reduced range. Strangely, to supplement their magical offense, Yukes have arguably the best defend technique in the game - after less than half a second of lag, they become completely invincible to all weapons, magic and status change.

Selkies, like Clavats, are very well rounded with no noticeable advantage in Strength, Defense or Magic. They do, however, get increased focus attack range and quicker focus charging than other tribes at no extra cost, unless you want to count their defend technique, which while offering invincibility and coming out instantly, lasts only about half a second and thus requires more reflex to use.

Are there any points in the game at which certain characters are very heavily favoured?

Not as such. There will always be times where you wish you were better at magic or at offense, but the various resistant enemies are scattered evenly and fairly, and bosses do not have any unfair advantages. The only differences are that Selkies can take part in the Selkie Jumping minigame and Yukes can get the entire party into the village of Shella without having to find a Mark of Shella item first.

What do the various character appearances do?

They... change... your... appearance... nothing else.

Are certain tribes more suited to particular family trades?

While it is true that in game, Clavats are famed for their agricultural skills, Lilties for their merchant skills, Selkies for their disregard for the law and Yukes for their wisdom, this means nothing in the village you create. Nothing. Any character can be any trade.

Apart from weaponry, what items are tribe-exclusive?

Armour (bar Gaia Plate) and most accessories can be worn by anyone, and each tribe has an additional kind of armour only they can wear.

Does being male or female have anything to do with anything?

Apart from two items, this changes nothing. Males and Females attain an auto-regen accessory through different means, Males get an accessory for -15 Focus Charge time, and Females, an accessory for -5 Spell Charge time. - "My opinion isn't fact, but yours is wrong."
One man's blogger is another man's philosopher.

User Info: JD Fedule

JD Fedule
12 years ago#10
(9) Weapons and Items (9)

What's the best weapon in the game?

Depends. You can either go with the Greatest (Ultima) Weapon, or depending on your race, the Dark/Celestial/Lunar weapon. The greatest weapon is received upon attaining maximum production level (this takes 13 years) in an Alchemist family, and the others can be found on rare Artifact Sets (usually 7 or 8, the maximum).

Wait! There are four races! Why only three special weapons? *checks FAQs* What about the Yukes?

The Yukes' special weapon is the Legendary Weapon. The other three tribes have less special Legendary Weapons, but that of the Yukes is much more interesting.

Why would I want to use Ultima Weapons? They have the same (or less) attack power than the Special Weapons, but they cost 45,000 gil more and have crap focus attacks!

They can stunlock enemies. They make the target flinch with every hit. That's one useful ability. You know when you're busy unloading on an enemy, and they hit you and you get knocked back? That's flinching. That means that regular enemies will not be able to attack you. Ever. Only in rare cases, and with bosses.

So I got a Greatest Weapon from my Alchemist. How do I give it to my Blacksmith?

Use multiplayer. No, seriously, there is no way to do this in single player. You need to open up multi mode, go to a town or dungeon, drop the item and then have someone else pick it up.

I see an item but I can't pick it up! I can only carry it above my head? Why?

This is either because the item cannot be placed in the inventory (eg, Chalice, Keys, Water/Oil pots) or because your inventory's full.

So my Inventory's full. Where can I store some items?

Sorry, you can't do that. It's either sell, drop or destroy. No storage. The only alternative is to use multiplayer to load it all onto a dummy character.

I can't drop or sell any of my weapons, armour or accessories! Why?

These items are tailor (or, well, blacksmith) made for each individual. So much so that armour for one Lilty WILL NOT fit another. So it's keep or destroy, basically.

Assuming I can be bothered, can I create an Alchemist family, get a Greatest Weapon, transfer it to another character, delete the family and do it again?

No. The game simply will not let you.

Is there a point at which certain items and artifacts simply stop appearing?

The ONLY items that can be permanently missed are the Shiny Shard and the Eternal Armour scroll, and to be honest they're not that great. It is true that certain +1 artifacts that are common early on become more difficult to find in later cycles, but it is impossible to totally miss an artifact. I will not go into a big list of where to find things, but if you look at the FAQs in the FAQs and Guides section, in particular this one ( you should find everything you need. That said, even the Shiny Shard can be acquired in a random caravan event.

When an accessory reduces a charge time by "15", what does it mean?

One point means a tenth of a second. Therefore, 15 means one and a half seconds.

What about things like "Resist Thunder +1"?

In this case, the number refers to the gain in levels of immunity when the item is equipped. Please see the Chalice and the Elements section (number 4) for more details. - "My opinion isn't fact, but yours is wrong."
One man's blogger is another man's philosopher.
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