emulator? multiplayer?

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User Info: stealthsneakerz

9 years ago#1
ok, i know this is probably too much to ask for

but is there an emulator that you can do multiplayer over the internet with?

cuz me and my friends would be all over that in a heartbeat if there was
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User Info: Majora_13

9 years ago#2
I've been thinking the same thing!!!

since my brothers moved away there is one game we all agree we miss playing together- crystal chronicles of course!

i would even go to the extent of making such a thing myself, but i have nothing near the time, money or technical expertise to do it- come on I'm only 17

I'd love something like this to be made, but i know it probably won't be. I'm always hopeful though, so if anyone hears about a project like this i'd love to know about it!!!
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User Info: Deadeyedave

9 years ago#3
I don't believe this will possible until there's a solid Gamecube PC emulator.

People were able to get Mario Kart Double Dash working over the internet, but only because it was designed to work with the Gamecube LAN adaptor, FF:CC wasn't.

User Info: Majora_13

9 years ago#4
Yeah, thats true... would be so awesome though...
but it would require some serious changes to the game itself more than anything.
it would required a (highly) skilled programmer who is motivated enough to take on such a project.
don't think there are many of those around...
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