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User Info: RedCross_Knight

7 years ago#1
After a hiatus I came back to my single player game to find I am just about to head into Moschet Manor. I cannot remember too much about the game. I ran up to the initial enemies and am immediately slaughtered. This happens several times (me getting slaughtered). My character is one of the fighter types, I cannot remember the name.

Is there any way to "Level Up" or permanently increase my stats so I can beat these guys? I remember spending a lot of time replaying the 1st "dungeon" many times over just to get the prizes at the end. Is that the way to do it?
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User Info: Dreamsaber

7 years ago#2
I think you're just rusty. There's no such thing as leveling up in this game. It all depends on your gear. If you're wearing Elemental Armor and Elemental (specific armor), your defense is very good already.Just check your equipment and keep trying. If you're still having trouble, Stiltzkin can be found at the bottom of the Port near your hometown. He can give you some instruction.
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User Info: RedCross_Knight

7 years ago#3
Well, I was referring to the little items you win when you finish a particular dungeon. You get enough points and you choose a special item that raises stats. I pretty much cleaned out the items for the first 3 dungeons. Are these stat increases permanent? I am not referring to the artifacts you get while inside the dungeon, but the ones you collect after you complete the dungeon.

As I stated before, I'm about to head into Moschet Manor. My character is a Selkie, what armor & weapon should I have?
There is no neutral position. We all have our presuppositions.

User Info: Overclockd

7 years ago#4
Yes, the stat increases are permanent. Playing the same few places is a poor strategy in most cases, unless you aren't collecting myrrh. You end up raising the cycle of those places and the enemies become too powerful. And since you haven't gotten treasure from other dungeons, you don't have a well rounded set of artifacts.

Weapons and armor make a bigger difference than artifacts early game. If you're too lazy to use a guide, use the weapons and armor that use the most expensive kind of metal and you should be fine.

Quite honestly, I have no idea why you're having trouble with Moschet Manor. There could be many reasons. Are you pulling enemies one at a time and using gravity when necessary? You should go in a few rooms before taking out the courtyard so that you have magicite. What year are you on?

User Info: RedCross_Knight

7 years ago#5
Hmmm. I don't know what could be going on. I just finished Moschet Manor and ended year two. So I'm on year three right now. You were right, I was a little rusty. It just took me a lil while to get the hang of the 3-hit combo.
OK, so I'm on year 3 and It looks like River Belle Path, Mushroom Forest, and Mines of Cathuriges are all on their next cycle. I think I'm suppose to skip those dungeons and go to the next few. I entered the Frozen Hill Top or something or other (in the Fam Fam plains I think) and promptly got my rear end handed to me again. I'm gonna check out the other dungeons in the same area as the Morchet Manor before I continue.
There is no neutral position. We all have our presuppositions.

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