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User Info: TheDullahan

9 years ago#1
I just finished Hell Wars, cool game but the ending left me wanting.


So the console games ends after Alostair tricked the player into killing Lucifer, then a horde of demons attacks you as Eve is still insensate at your feet.
I understand they're where a few add-ons to the Painkiller series, was any of this tied up? Do you ever get to see Catherine again? What happens to Eve? I don't really play PC games on my craptastic system, and I don't think they're doing another console port of this series. Anyone wanna give a quick plot synopsis? (Closure, I need closure! :-)

User Info: Weddum

9 years ago#2
The ending of Battle Out Of Hell (the official PC expansion) leaves opening for another sequel, though its unlikely, and unfortunate, that we'll ever see it. Daniel gets transported back out of Hell by Eve, then goes back to collect new weapons to fight Alastor again. After defeating him again, Eve appears and comes into contact with Alastor and then gets transformed into a demon herself. Then at the end of this cutscene Eve says "I guess I have nothing left to say except... Thank you" to which Daniel replies "Wrong again Eve, I think we have plenty to talk about" then the camera shows Daniel aiming the shotgun at the camera, shoots, and then the credits roll. You can check these cutscenes on YouTube anyway, but its annoying they left it at yet another cliffhanger ending.

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