Dark Alliance 3

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User Info: trahcwolf

7 years ago#1
I found this online:

On April 8, 2008, Interplay declared their two-pronged MMORPG-and-Sequels strategy, which included pursuing funding for the Fallout MMOG.
“ At the same time, the company will leverage its portfolio of gaming properties by creating sequels to some of its most successful games, including Earthworm Jim, Dark Alliance, Descent, and MDK.

An Interplay representative confirmed for GameSpot that the company owns the Dark Alliance name, and can continue to make fantasy role-playing games under that banner so long as they don't use the Dungeons & Dragons license, which includes the Forgotten Realms world and the Baldur's Gate name.

The company has recently reinitiated its in-house game development studio, and is hiring game developers.

With that in mind, what are the chances?
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User Info: ehow22

7 years ago#2
......Not very good.

There will be no Drizzt most likely if it ever does happen.

User Info: druswid

7 years ago#3
But would it really be Dark Alliance 3 if it weren't near Baldur's Gate or set in the Forgotten Realms? I mean, granted, you can have just as good a game, as evidenced by the Champions of Norrath series, but still. They'd have to make up a different universe.
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User Info: spacehart

7 years ago#4
I am all for them making a spiritual successor...but unless they can re-obtain the license for Forgotten Realms again...then I think they shouldn't call it "dark alliance 3"...because how could they pick up from the cliffhanger in this game if they did? as for the Champions of norrath games that are essentially these games sequels...i don't like them as much....they are much harder and just different enough where it looks like i am playing a game i know...but it doesn't quite feel like it...If they do make another game that's like this...well then i hope it plays more like DA series..
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User Info: sacrilege83

7 years ago#5

I would love to see a spiritual successor of the same type of gameplay. Only this time expand upon it. Have it mmo in a much huger world. I love the action rpg dungeon crawling gameplay. I rather not have another Dragon age where it's watching an animation, Elder Scrolls being a first/third person action, or Final Fantasy's turn based action. Not saying they're bad, they're great games but I want franchises to keep their gameplay unique and different from others. I have DA:O and Oblivion, I wouldn't want Dark Alliance to be another copy.

User Info: Melchiah

7 years ago#6

From: ehow22 | #004
......Not very good.

There will be no Drizzt most likely if it ever does happen.

**** Drizzt... people so hung up on a damn character. I'd love to have more of these types of Action/RPGs on consoles.
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User Info: playtoy

7 years ago#7
any new ARPG's on Xbox 360?

User Info: Melchiah

7 years ago#8

From: playtoy | #001
any new ARPG's on Xbox 360?

action/RPGs? sure

not really many like this

Sacred 2 maybe

But other games that fall into Action/RPG

Too Human
Rise of the Argonauts
Fallout 3
Mass Effect 1 and 2
Phantasy Star Universe
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User Info: Melchiah

7 years ago#9

Currently playing: Final Fantasy XII

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