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User Info: maxqubit

8 years ago#1
... after all these years.

So currently i am completely into Far Cry 2 on 360 (campaign, infamous) ... great game

But for some reason i had to check back on the old GR games (also Ubi, when if ver will there be a new decent GR game?). I have the whole GR series on xbox and 360. I was a true fan of the old GR, my clan originates from that (2003, xbox, xbl, gr)

The breakdown

GRAW(2): My god, those AWFUL controls! And the aiming ... so weird. What were they thinking. While the game looks alright and can be fun when into i just didn't like to pick it up again

so ...

GR2: Now that is more pick up and play. Quit enjoyable but a tad too arcade. Make note that i switched to FIRST PERSON i.s.o. OTS view, possibly because the GRAW2 experience put me off

but ....

Now i launched GR:IT: Well a pleasant surprise, it still holds up. The pace, the controls, even the gfx are not too bad, and the sound is ok. Death animations are lots better than GR2/GRAW2 which is remarkable. I can understand action orientated gamers are not into that 'planning path' system and it felt a bit clumsy, but it still worked

So, what do you know, i'm replaying GR:IT campaign:)

I noticed i'm (much) better now than i was back then? How is that, i'm an old gamer so my reflexes surely go down, not up? Could it be:
- Better screen (now 480p on tft monitor i.s.o. sdtv)
- Better controller (360 i.s.o. xbox-s)
- Or am i really better at it

Think it is a mix of those 3:)
Next stop ... OFP2

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