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User Info: Kenorv

9 years ago#1
Ok so what exactly is the point of Goremand? You never get to fight him and never really figure out his purpose in the game. He likes to eat souls. Great. And the point if him in the game is? He's not there at the end when Julius dies to eat his soul and you never know what exactly happened in his fight with Isabella. So can someone please explain his presence in the game because obviously I'm missing something.

User Info: Wanded

9 years ago#2
if im not mistaken,you fight him if you pick the girl story at the beggining.

User Info: dablackbelt

9 years ago#3
You never fight him, not even as the Heroine. Originally, there was a scene with him, the Hero, and the Heroine, which exposed a lot, including hinting at the Heroine becoming the Mana Tree. However, it was taken out for some reason. Someone who used to visit this board had a copy of the scene, but I never saved it.
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  3. Goremand(Spoilers)

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