Playing this on VBA with the fast forward button = awesome

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User Info: k56connect

8 years ago#1
When I play RPGs on ZSNES or VBA, I always set the fast forward button to be the R2 button on my gamepad. So leveling up is a breeze. Enter battle, hold R2, and A down, boom, fight's over in under 2 seconds. I played through this for the first time, took me two nights. Even when walking, I just hold down the FF button and breeze around stuff. Yeah, it may take a little bit out of the experience, but I still get all the items, and read all the dialogue, I just do it a little faster than everyone else. Who else uses the FF button religiously on their emulators?

User Info: SeijiroMakabe

8 years ago#2
I don't use it most of the time for Mother screws up the beautiful music. : )
Although I have been known to zoom around a room while Kuma or Lucas is feverish so I can run again...
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User Info: Garfield0022

8 years ago#3
It's essential for my gimmicky playthroughs.

User Info: MasterOtenko

8 years ago#4
I do on SNES games. Makes grinding fun.
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User Info: Spitball Sparky

Spitball Sparky
8 years ago#5
I don't use it. I have it assigned to the "Q" button on the keyboard, and not to anything on my controller. It sort of ruins it, I guess.
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User Info: NeoShredded

8 years ago#6
It's just bad game design for half your total playtime (or more) to be menu navigation/waiting on text boxes/walking through unnecessarily long corridors/whatever. The fact that it hasn't been fixed in 25 years of RPGs is absurd. I'm pretty good at reading short blocks of text nearly instantly, so the wait for text boxes in 90% of RPGs is absolutely agonizing for me.

I can't imagine playing this without the fast forward button. Let alone EARTHBOUND. Jesus. I love both dearly, but so much time is wasted.
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User Info: shadow chao 10

shadow chao 10
8 years ago#7
I only use fast forward for hot springs and fevers. The music's too great to speed up otherwise. This game runs at a decent speed anyway.

Earthbound...ugh, I have the SNES cart, but I just play it on emulator because I can't stand it without the speed button. What an awful, slow game.

And most games that have annoyingly slow text speed have an option to speed it up. The moment I found the text-speed option for Pokemon games was one of the happiest moments of my life >_> <_<
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User Info: DexterTheThird

8 years ago#8
Maybe I'm just patient by nature, but I own the cart and the speed of Earthbound has never bothered me.
Even at the most "inconvenient" scene in the game, waiting three minutes for Grapefruit Falls to open up, I just get a drink or use the bathroom or something.

This game, I think the only time I used the speedup on my emulator was waiting for my HP roller to refill during the final boss fight.
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User Info: Earthbound_X

8 years ago#9
I did that in the New Pork City Sewers, I gained around 20 levels that way, haha.

User Info: CreepGnome

8 years ago#10
I mostly use Fast Forward for times when I need to walk a long distance in one direction, wait for something, or speed up a pointlessly long animation.
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