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User Info: CooperF4

7 years ago#1
Though I've not read that many comics in the series, I was a big fan of the animated show from the 90's and I recently watched them via the new DVD releases. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed that show.

In any case, I looking around for any X-Men games that my interest me and given that I have a Wii and GameCube remotes, I thought that this game might be fun to give a try.

I can imagine some of the opinions might be a bit biased given that this is the forum for the game, but I figured here was a good place to start.

Would you recommend the game if I can find it? Is it worth the money and will I enjoy it?

User Info: robbobmur

7 years ago#2
You should be able to find a used one for < $ 15 , so at that price it's definitely worth it.

This game and its sequel XML 2 : Rise of the Apocalypse are 2 of my favorite games in my limited library.

There is a story mode and there is a character(s) vs character(s) battle mode.

The characters are given two mutant powered skills, a boost skill ( some just a self boost ,others have an entire team boost ) , and a radial extreme attack - which you have to collect 4 pieces of a "token" to activate.

It's a fun game if you're playing by yourself , or if you play multiplayer .

User Info: CooperF4

7 years ago#3
All good things to hear. I'll have to give it a try. Thanks for the info!

User Info: sgtmorgan123

7 years ago#4
Set aside the difficaulty of the story mode, I'd say go for it, oh yeah and play X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse when your done
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