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User Info: galaxiadarkness

6 years ago#1
How can you go in to the danger room to train every character? When I go in from an Xtraction Point, I can only be Magma.
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User Info: robbobmur

6 years ago#2
Only the first 6 ? DR missions are dedicated to Magma . These missions deal with the basic moves of the game .

Once you start locating the other discs, you'll start the four character mission discs . Except for the character specific discs and the Nightmare challenges in the Legends level , those will also be solo missions .

Only a couple of the discs are really good for a major XP bump , but the ones with a secondary objective are good for equipment hunting and energy / health pack restocking . Once you complete a mission , you'll no longer get the equipment or pack drops , just XP .
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