Secondary class for an Elementalist?

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User Info: Treth

9 years ago#1
This is my first character and decided to go with an Elementalist. What would be a good secondary class that will allow me to solo/farm without much trouble if I wanted to?
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User Info: truemalice

9 years ago#2
I like mesmer for arcane echo. basically it lets you have two of whatever your favorite spell.
there are some other helpful mesmer spells but by endgame all i really use/need from it is echo.
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User Info: Z_BLADE

9 years ago#3
Monk is a pretty good option for players just starting out. once you reach a certain point in the game you unlock the other professions and switch between secondaries freely, So really you just choose which one to start as.

Monk offers a few 'hard res' skills (a resurrection skill you can use multiple times without getting a morale boost") Which are good to have with you.
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User Info: Treth

9 years ago#4
Ok, I went with Monk. One more question, what attributes should I add points to? I'm assuming alot will go into energy storage, since I will be a pure caster class. Are there any other skills that I should focus on?
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User Info: Czechnmymail

9 years ago#5
Generally, you'll want to stick to at most three attributes to pump your points into. For a PvE elementalist, Fire Magic is the most common attribute. There are a lot of Area of Effect skills in the fire magic line, and enemies in PvE tend to cluster up, making it quite effective against them.

And yeah, energy storage is a very useful attribute for you as an elementalist. Not only does it give you high energy, but it affects two important skills for you as a beginning ele: Aura of Restoration and Glyph of Lesser Energy.
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User Info: Garquill

9 years ago#6
You can take points out of your attributes in case you missed that.
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User Info: Treth

9 years ago#7
I did miss that, thanks for the info everyone.
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