Do you think they'll release a complete collection pack?

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User Info: Zerkrender

9 years ago#1

Just a weird habit I have, but I never like to be restricted of anything. If I get a game for a first time, even if the expansions are only for people highly progressed in the game I have to get them just so I will have them as soon as I can make use of them. And another problem is that I live in a greedy small town that tries to keep game prices as high as possible. Here are the prices...

Guild Wars = $30

Guild Wars: Factions = $40

Guild Wars: Nightfall = $40

Guild Wars: Eye of the North = $40

So they only drop the price on the oldest one and only by $10. To get them all at once would $150! :(

User Info: Shadow1975

9 years ago#2
Starting prices for USA on the games were:

Prophecies = $50
Factions = $50
Nightfall = $50
GW:EN = $40

So I'd say they have all dropped except for GW:EN. Sale prices from various stores can lower that, but those were the original prices.

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User Info: Zerkrender

9 years ago#3
Thanks, shadow. Still hoping for an entire series package though. How many people will still be playing Guild Wars when Guild Wars 2 comes out?

User Info: Death Commander

Death Commander
9 years ago#4
Most, I'd say.
History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.

User Info: Duke Darkwood

Duke Darkwood
9 years ago#5
If they do release such a compilation - and that's a VERY big if - it won't happen before GW2 hits, is my guess.

Basically, they'll probably only resort to that sort of thing when sales on GW1 reach such a point that they feel the need for such an incentive; in general, that's how such things work (although I won't pretend to understand all the nuances that go into these decisions).
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User Info: Gojak_v3

9 years ago#6
I've seen NF still in the $50 price range most stores I go in. GW:EN and Factions tend to be $40, and Prophecies is $30.

This is what they are priced on the in game store and PlayNC, so I think retailers will charge the same unless it's a sale.

User Info: AlysonCD

9 years ago#7
Zerk, can you not buy stuff online? I got the GOTY edition off amazon for 25 bucks with 2 day shipping brand new.

User Info: Slinky826

9 years ago#8
I found copies of Nightfall in Circuit City for 35.96 a couple weeks before X-mas. However, their copies of Factions were still 49.99. :-\
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User Info: wanderz

9 years ago#9
i bought nightfall 2 days ago at circuit city for $35.96, it said 44.96 on the package but the website says 35.96 so they had to sell it to me for that... i also bought the only copy they had, out of 5 stores i went to only 1 had nightfall regular, walmart had about 6 copies of the collector's edition for $60.
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User Info: mafia_bowser

9 years ago#10
They do have the Prophecies and Eye of the North bundle for $60 at Wal-mart you'll just save $10 though. Wish we had those prices when I started though.
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