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User Info: tapion1175

9 years ago#1
Hey folks, I'm trying to decide this or WOW, why should i pick this one over WOW.
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User Info: Slinky826

9 years ago#2
Why not just snag free trial keys for both and find out which one you like?
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User Info: tapion1175

9 years ago#3
I picked up the one for wow and am playing that till its up. After, i will pick up the one for gw, but in the meantime i would like to get some other perspectives on em.
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User Info: Lord_Nonamed

9 years ago#4
well my personal arguments for playing guild wars are:
It's free to play
and the pvp is better, cause of the lvl 20 cap. its more about the skills you use
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User Info: zerocoal

9 years ago#5
i like WoW more because i get bored if i dont talk to somebody and you can always chat with anybody thats on.. and the PvE is pretty good too.

Guild wars i get kinda bored from the lack of chatting.. but i havnt joined any guilds yet so thats prolly my problem.

the PvE in guild is really good because you get your own areas to explore so nobody can camp the areas you need to go to. also the free thing is pretty great too, and the PvP is pretty interesting even though i suck and everybody just yells at me for being new

in WoW you get yelled at for stupider though.

mostly depends on what you like and your income, if you can afford it play both that way you can always get the entertainment you want
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User Info: Eudoras7

9 years ago#6
I've never played WOW, but one of the things people who have played both games have said to me, was that GW tends to be played but more mature people, while in WOW you find more immature people. I guess it's just your perspective and what you prefer.

User Info: steven20904

9 years ago#7
^Who did you get this from?
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User Info: Eudoras7

9 years ago#8
Just people in groups who have talked about WOW. And I'm not saying I believe this or have witnessed it so if you don't agree with it, don't get mad at me. All I was doing was saying what I heard other people say.

User Info: Solhdier

9 years ago#9
3 letters: PVP
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User Info: DarkThespian

9 years ago#10
WoW is a time sink. You spend most of your time leveling and getting good gear. In Guild Wars, you spend most of your time using your max level and good gear. Which one is better is up to you, frankly; I can't decide that for you.
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