Couple basic questions

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User Info: Raildriver

10 years ago#1
Hi, My dad has been playing runescape for quite awhile now and it finally hitting that point in most "free" mmo's where you really need to pay the small monthly fee to progress farther. He doesnt play very much (maybe 1-3 hours a week) and i was thinking of buying him guild wars as a late Christmas present. He doesnt really like to pvp or do to much with other characters, just kill mobs and quest. I was wondering how solo-able this game is and for how long he would be able to play without hitting that wall of nothing to do anymore. I know the missions end after 24 or so but im assuming you can go out and still kill stuff somewhere after that. Any information is appreciated, Thanks :)

User Info: rokklobstir

10 years ago#2
depending on his skill, the whole game is beatable with nothing but AI partners. prophecies takes forever to get through so he will have lots a play time there. imo, if he doesnt like to pvp or do anything with others and just wants to quest and go through the campaign, hes better off with a non multiplayer game. other than the purchase of different campaigns or expansions (ie nightfall, factions or eye of north), money is not needed to progress through the game. it is possible to buy in game gold, items or whatever with real money, but its frowned upon. they will actually ban your account for it.

User Info: Z_BLADE

10 years ago#3
And unlike many other Online games the really expensive Weapons and armor you can get don't actually help that much. And are often popular because they look cool.

So you don't need to invest a lot of time into Guild Wars, It rewards players for being good at the game rather than spending a lot of time getting some item.
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User Info: Czechnmymail

10 years ago#4
If you plan on making it easy for him to solo things, you should get him Nightfall. The heroes available in it are essential for solo and small group play. If you and your heroes have the proper equipment and skill sets, playing alone can get you through pretty much the entirety of the game, including most areas and missions in Hard Mode. Only the high-level elite missions absolutely require large groups of human players.

And there's a pretty good amount of stuff to do by yourself. There are achievement titles to strive for, elite armor sets that are quite a bit more costly than standard armor (but offer no benefit other than a cooler appearance and prestige), missions and quests to do in both normal and hard mode (the latter of which is accessible after you complete a campaign)..
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User Info: rokklobstir

9 years ago#5
it should be said that the high level elite missions are not part of the campaign. they are extra. so on the question 'is it possible to solo the whole campaign', the answer is yes
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