How the heck do I get rid of blind!?!?

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User Info: Dark_V0id

9 years ago#11
As a warrior I found that quite annoying at first as well *cough factions cough* and as a result generally all 3 of my heroes will have a condition removal skill at all times. If you have access to heroes I highly recommend trying the same thing, also it could just be my imagination (or my superstition) but I find calling out my status makes heroes and henchmen respond quicker to the situation.

If you feel like spreading the annoyance around, Plague Touch can be a great addition to your bar, removes your status and puts it on an opponent.

Also, if you are adventuring in Kourna (among some other areas but especially Kourna) take wild blow for the archers. Whenever they start blocking use it. You'll feel much better.
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User Info: ActionJackson39

9 years ago#12
Get lasor eye surgery.
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User Info: strcpy

9 years ago#13
What class are you - if you are a dervish then use Avatar of Melandru. How are you getting blinded? If it is a spell use Vow of Silence or Spell Breaker. If it is an AoE spell not targeted on you then note that it is being cast and move the appropriate distance. These may not make you very good at what you normally do (especially since they take up an elite slot), but they will do the job.

Of course, if you are in one of the few areas that is *really* heavy on blind (quite a few EotN areas are) you are normally better off doing something else while the rest of the team deals with it - that is what the "team" part is there for. Since it is a condition you can look to things that help you when you are blind or conditioned - Sand Shard, Smite Condition, Foul Feast, all sorts of things. Pretty much every single class has some skill that is useful and triggers off you either being blind or having conditions applied to you. Heck, in some of the dungeons in EotN I use plague touch as a cheap easy way for any of my melee characters to go blind the enemy like crazy. If they blind me I win, if they don't I'm still out there damaging away.

If it is just one group or a random case of blindness - well just live with it and let your team kill. Every character class/build will have instances where they are totally shut down - try being an adrenaline warrior in one of the places where you get soothing images on you, getting rid of Blind will seem nice.

User Info: Czechnmymail

9 years ago#14
Considering he got the game a few days ago, and it's most likely Prophecies, I'd say that Eruption from the Hulking Stone Elementals is highly likely. I remember when I first started with my warrior and I didn't understand exactly what Eruption and Ward Against Melee did, so I just kinda stood there wondering what the hell was going on until I read the skill descriptions carefully.

If that is indeed the case, just pull the elementals out of the ward/AoE of Eruption, purge the blind if it's still on you, and start hacking away again.
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  3. How the heck do I get rid of blind!?!?

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