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User Info: Cheating-master

9 years ago#1
post your best/favorite Weapons {if u want}.
i just got a [Peppermint Candy Cane hammer] & i think it is cool!

User Info: Z_BLADE

9 years ago#2
I like Rago's flame staff, cause as you can see in the link below: dragons are cool.
Signature: Hello.

User Info: LokiISP

9 years ago#3
Tormented Axe
Chaos Axe
Storm Bow
Violet Edge (toss in the other "edges" as well)

I'm wouldn't call any of the caster weapons I have my "favorites"....the skins are interesting enough, but not THAT cool to me.
XBL GT: Loki ISP....GW IGN: Nentslye Woodmaster, Pope Woodmaster I, Silussa Mindraper
Clan Leader, XBL Clan
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