Are any of those bonus packs worth buying for a new player?

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  3. Are any of those bonus packs worth buying for a new player?

User Info: Red_Jester

7 years ago#1
Like the skill unlock packs or bonus mission pack.
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User Info: Duke Darkwood

Duke Darkwood
7 years ago#2
Straight out of the gate? Probably not. Although the Skill packs could be useful if you'll be wanting to dive into PvP.

The Skill Unlock Packs will immediately unlock all the skills for the associated title. (Core referring to skills found in all three major campaigns.) Unlocks provide immediate benefits to PvP-Only characters and to Heroes (a type of customizable NPC ally), and - with the right item - allow free learning of skills for PvE players.

Now, there are other ways TO unlock skills, which don't cost real money - but instead cost time and effort in the game. You can learn the skills in the game, at which point they are Unlocked, or you can win PvP fights, earn Balthazar Faction, and spend that on unlocks. The Skill Unlock Packs simply unlock everything in the pack, all at once. No hassle, just a real-money payment to do it.

The Bonus Mission Pack gives access to four unique missions, once your character reaches far enough (the NPCs offering access are in each campaign's respective "port town"). Unlike normal missions, you do not play as your character, but as the focal character of each bonus mission, with their own skillbar. In addition to the unique challenges of each mission, there's the rewards - unique weapon skins obtainable NO OTHER WAY (they are even customized to the person getting them, so you can't trade to get them that way).

I have the Bonus Mission Pack. I find it very fun, even without the reward incentive. I do not PvP enough to worry about the Skill Unlock packs - and it's moot now, as I've unlocked a great many skills through PvE play already; if I suddenly were of a mind to work on PvP, it would be a waste of money to buy the unlock packs.
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User Info: Premium

7 years ago#3
The PvP packs are not worth it if you're new.
They're really only for those who have PvP-only accounts and can't be arsed to upgrade to a regular one and obtain the normal ways (grind through PvE or grind through balth factions), and don't mind about spending for the speed/convenience.
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User Info: Thechosenone501

7 years ago#4
i highly recomend the bonus mission map packs its a nice boost in cash and you can always go back to get free max items (they are sometimes hard to come by in the open market) i also recomend the Game of the Year Upgrade gives you

Igneous Summoning Stone for summoning Fire Imp combat ally
Nevermore Flatbow
Tiger's Roar
Wolf's Favor
Rhino's charge
Luminescent Scepter
Serrated Shield
Soul Shrieker

when you type in /bonus even at higher levels i use them for my heros as free weapons and the fire imp is a nice help when your low level
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  3. Are any of those bonus packs worth buying for a new player?

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