Runes on Elite Armor

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User Info: DarkLinkjf

7 years ago#1
Alright we all know we can put a Rune on an Elite Armor to make it, say for example +3 energy.
But what happens if you want to change your mind and put say.. +41 Hp on that piece of armor instead?

Would the Elite Armor have a chance to break if you wanted to just remove that Rune?
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User Info: Taijouroukun

7 years ago#2
yes, it has a chance to break. but using the perfect salvage kit can prevent this. you can only get it in the eye of the north expansion. if you don't have eotn, you should just apply a new rune without removing the old one so the armor doesn't break.

User Info: Celoneth

7 years ago#3
or just buy one from another player, usually go between 1-1.5k for 5 uses - cheaper than most quality runes
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User Info: Alessar

7 years ago#4
On heroes you can always safely remove runes (fortunately!) because their armor is permanent and unbreakable.

User Info: Chrono007

7 years ago#5
You can also just apply the second rune over the first... if the cost of the rune isn't worth the cost of the perfect salvage kit.
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User Info: Celoneth

7 years ago#6
^depends on the rune - if you go by market price - each use is 200-300g, if you craft one yourself it's less - so if a rune costs less than that, then yeah - but for the expensive runes it's cheaper to get a kit
if they were smart they'd place an ambush here, this just proves how incompetent they are.... *AMBUSH*..... dammit!

User Info: Premium

7 years ago#7
You can get perfect salvage kits with zaishen coins.
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User Info: Duke Darkwood

Duke Darkwood
7 years ago#8
3 Silver Zaishen Coins (must trade in 150 Copper ones to the Copper Reward NPC to get 3 Silvers). Nice of them to bring Perfect Salvage Kits to the masses. *grin*

And yeah. Perfect Salvage Kits are awesome for when you want to take a rune off and not lose the item - especially useful for elite armor.

The PSK has only 5 uses, but the item it is used on cannot possibly break. (However, you can only salvage out "magical components" - runes, insignias, inscriptions, weapon mods - and never crafting materials.)

If you go the other route and apply the rune over the old one, know that the old one is lost forever. This is why the people have been saying it would depend on the value of the rune. (And and Attunement rune is worth enough to a trader - or use on a hero or something - that you probably want to keep it.)

The option of using an Expert/Superior salvage kit is, in my mind, never worth it on Elite armor. I don't care if you maxed Wisdom and Treasure Hunter, and have the maximum 92% retention rate - 8% chance for your elite armor to break is 8% too much!
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User Info: DarkLinkjf

7 years ago#9
Ah thanks for all your input.

So if the rune is fairly inexpensive then simply replacing the Rune is the way to go.
However if you have a more expensive Rune, then you should use Perfect Salvage kits to save the Rune.

Never use other Salvage kits cause it will have a chance to break the Armor. Afterall Elite Armor is pretty pricey to make. 15k for the fee and upwards of 10k for the materials, yikes.

Thanks again, I have fairly cheap Runes so I'll just have them replaced
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User Info: Myth34

7 years ago#10
15k for each piece..... so upwards of 75k maybe, then the materials, depending, could be another 7-15k.... so they are really expensive.
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