Best Hero team to steamroll ?

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User Info: MicroB1

6 years ago#1
So I just recently completed FACTIONS and now about 1/3 into NIGHTFALL.
Trying to complete all four campaigns as fast as possible, while at the same time getting bonus/masters from missions.

What's the best hero setup for my main Assassin if I just want to breeze through these missions ?
I'm always using 2 Monk heroes for easy heals while I kill stuff, but I was told to run some Necro and Rit hero build for fast runs.

Anyone got some suggestions ?

User Info: fanomo

6 years ago#2
I think the standard nowadays is Discordway or Spiritway. You can find templates on under hero builds. Make sure you stick splinter weapon on one of your heroes.

User Info: Lizardneck

6 years ago#3
You probably heard about sabway, discordway, and spiritway:

Personally, I hate sabway. Discordway's fine in areas where it works, and barely better than blank bars in places where it doesn't. And I haven't tried spiritway (at least, not as it's posted on there).

My assassin (and all my melee characters) usually take three of the following if I'm not playing with another player and am not forced to take certain heroes:

- A smite/channeling Mo/Rt or Rt/Mo. Splinter Weapon, Strength of Honor, and several skills that blow up things around a target player.

- An interrupter. Usually a mesmer.

- A protection monk. I prefer having control of the protector over the healer.

- An MM. Will also have curses (barbs, mark of pain) or monk skills (prot spirit, aegis, condition and/or hex removal) on the bar, depending on the area.

- A spirit spammer. Convenient easy-to-set-up 300+ damage every 2 seconds on a build heroes usually run just fine (might have to flag down the rit to make sure they summon spirits in a spot where they can attack, though. And might have to force the spirits through if the rit's still in spirit range of old spirits, but far enough away that those spirits aren't still attacking.)

User Info: Shadow1975

6 years ago#4
Sabway may work ok, but Discord is often less effective on melee players since you need to provide a hex and condition as a caller for the Discord Necros. Sure, the Necros themselves can provide said hexes and conditions, but it is far less effective that way and requires a lot more micro management. I'd personally stick to a more 'balanced' team myself.

Heroes I'd take:

an MM - N/Mo with either Aura of the Lich or Jagged Bones, but toss on Death Nova, Protective Spirit and Aegis - they do well with those.

A support Monk (Smiter) or Rit. Either way, the job for this hero is to load Strength and Honor on you, smite hexes/conditions off you, and toss weapon spells on you (Splinter).

And personally, for the last, I'd take a UA Monk hero to keep things alive. I don't hybridize mine outside of Dismiss Condition I only give DF and Heal spells, and it works marvelously.


Take a Monk, depending on where you are, they would be Lina, Redemptor Karl, Seaguard Gita, Khim, and in the city sections of Cantha, wither Professor Gai (if you feel you don't need more) or Sister Tai.

Then take the Earth Ele - Kai Ying or Herta. I avoid the Fire Eles outside of VERY specific situations, but the 2 Earth eles are great.

A Necro, but only 2. Eve and Claude - they can't be used at the same time, but the other Necros have builds that don't always work well with the MM. If you drop the MM hero, Su can be used fairly well.

Mesmers always have been good, but are even better since the last update for them. So take Dunham, Lo Sha, Odurra, Erys Vasburg, or Seaguard Hala when you can.

Daemon and Zho are good options for Ranger, Aiden is decent, but has different builds in different locations, so check whick location you are and what build he uses there.

Rits. Professor Gai and Aeson, and to a lesser degree Chiyo can be a great option for more team defense/healing.

Now, as you can tell, there are more than 4 hench listed. Not all can be used in all places, so pick ones available that will mesh well with your hero selection.
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User Info: LokiISP

6 years ago#5
You can accomplish it a number of ways, but the key is ROLES:

- MM/MB....I prefer MB for the damage and conditions, standard MM gives more defense.
- Heal/Prot - I typically only use one hero for this role, one hench
- Damage OR Utility....could be SS, an Earth Ele, a Fire Ele, a Ranger, whatever. I find myself more and more filling this slot with a mesmer.

Hench just fill in the gaps.....second heal/prot (look for synergy)....more damage/utility. Always pack at least one int teammate for later-game.
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User Info: Asia_Skyly

6 years ago#6
Wow Shadow1975. We use almost identical teams!

Mine is usually

Olias as MM.
Gwen Panic/Paragon with Stand your ground/Fallback + rez depending where I am.
Talhkora as a UA.

They never let me down. Of course special areas require different things, but that is the base of everything I do in GW.
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User Info: DarkThespian

6 years ago#7
I'd recommend setting up your heroes for doing what henchmen can't do. This usually means MMing or spirit spamming, but I'll throw in PI or Panic on a Mesmer or an N/Rt healer depending on the situation. I'd like to once again emphasize splinter weapon on a melee character, as it works tremendously well and the heroes generally manage it fine on autopilot. Generally speaking, henchmen healers and Mesmer/Ranger interrupters work fine; not as good as a hero, mind you, but not worse enough to justify wasting a hero on that. Spirit builds in particular, though gimmicky, fare pretty well in all areas because they don't require corpses and they can fuel the condition removal ability of Mend Body and Soul, which any N/Rt healer hero should be packing.
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User Info: LokiISP

6 years ago#8
The mesmer hench are among if not the best hench in matter where you are.

Interrupt ability from the AI is agnostic to whether it is a hench or hero running the bar.
Clan Leader, XBL Clan

User Info: SKA_

6 years ago#9
for normal mode i usually run 3 eles, 1 fire 1 lit and 1 water. fire with savanna heat, rodgort, liquid fire, searing flame, whatever. lit with infuse lightening (i think that is what it is called) and chain lightening, orb, and some prot spells. water with snares, blurred, rust, monk healing. cant get more steamroll than that for normal mode.

hard mode it changes with where i am, but mostly it is the spirit spam hero team with minion bomber or restonecro.
if i decide to do a dungeon then a dom mesmer is a must
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User Info: soladept

6 years ago#10
Soul Twisting Rit Heros are ridiculously potent, with the ability to throw down Union, Displacement, and Shelter around every 15 seconds and be energy stable doing so, and if your party is dying with this and other heros providing healing or prot/support, then I doubt anything short of a team of shadowform sins could have won that fight, considoring in most situations you would practicly have permanant prot spirits up.

Spiritway is strong because theres only a small handful of things that effectivly counter spirits and most mobs dont carry those things, or players can work around them, along with the fact that spirits lend themselves well to bar compression and syngergise well with MMs and Minon Bombers, which most spiritway builds incorperate. Spirits also do armor ignoring damage, which is why they are so potent offensivly. the only things that can really hamper spiritway are the handful of specific counter skills, which are rare, and mass HM Eles with tons of aoe, which smart player skill can work around.

My Rit toon focusses on spamming piles of offensive communing spirits with Signet of Ghostly might, My Xandra runs SoS, Bloodsong, Resto spells, Painful Bond, and either a rez or splinter. Livia usualy bombs with AotL and bone minions and provides support with prot spells or whatever the situation demands. Razah runs the aforementioned Soul Twister.

I ran through the WIK missions, most of them were so hilariously easy that most of the time, the weak Kryta Henchies NEVER Died, with BLA being the notable exception, I wiped only once and I ended up just running back up to the front of the mission area and finished off what the npc allies didnt, and the whole reason I probably did wipe was because the allied NPCS eat up the Soul Twisters spirit shielding and it happened during a very bad moment full of Mantle/Mursatt with a couple bosses and there was mass pressure everywhere, and of course, the two henchies were useless regardless, so most of the killing was from allied npc, and piles of minions and spirits.

I usualy play the SoGM build because I find that although a Hero can do it okay, a player can do it significantly better and its where the meat of spiritways DPS comes from, and I would rather let my rit heros micro stuff like Soul Twisting and heals/SoS, and being able to use summon spirits on a spirit pile helps.

Im waiting for the Embark build with anticipation, just because I can dream of adding in three Para heros with shout stacking for more absurdity along with something to toss ranged splinters =p, and there will be so many new teambuild possibilitys with heros..... /drools

and before you laugh at the Paragons, remember what makes them broken is when you get multiples of them, and thanks to our new Thakenater we have 3 of them, which might be the tipping point for making them useful in teambuilds, nevermind any future skill balancing plans that Anet has, or how you can incorperate them in full 8 man hero teams.
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