Looking for a second opinion on my HoM points.

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User Info: Japanties

5 years ago#1

I've got 35 points locked up since all I need is 2 minipets for that one point, but I'm wondering what the easiest way to get to 40 points is with my progress. The goal is another 5 points within 40 days. From what I can figure, I think the easiest way at this point would be to go for:

-20 companion statues
-30 companion statues
-Tormented weapon statue
-11 Weapon statues (7/11 right now)

The problem I run into is that oppressor weapons now would require a bunch of nonstop farming, and I'm not even sure I'm able to complete Domain of Anguish with heroes in order to get the tormented weapon. My options are also limited because I've only got 10k to work with.

Any suggestions?
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User Info: LokiISP

5 years ago#2
Honestly? If you need the weapons, you are going to be stuck in farm land.

Use the upcoming festival in July to hit up Raptors and sell the proceeds. Oppressor weapons are quite cheap (when I last played). As for the Tormented....well, either do the above or farm ectos with a Rit.....or learn and get into whatever-way group is doing DoA nowadays.

Doing it by yourself without experience (and note that you would have to do it > 1 time to get an armbrace)...is going to be an exercise in futility and time that might be better spent - given your time limit - hammering away at cash and buying things.

YMMV, of course.....

Outside of that, starting at the aforementioned 35....

3 more companion statues - should be cake: 1 point (36)

Plenty of room to grow on Honor...let's get 5 statues for at least one point there (37)
Protector of Elona
Sorrow's Furnace
Fissure of Woe
Urgoz Warren
Eternal Bookah/Slayer/Vanguard (the first works well with Raptor Farming - two birds)

Vabbian Armor - no brainer here. Get gems, purchase. One Point. (38)

Weapons. You really need to get four more for the two points here....and that saves you from the pain of the tormented weapon (if you choose). Some combo of destroyer and oppy shouldn't be too hard at all. Farm cash....2 points (40)
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User Info: Garquill

5 years ago#3
4 destroyer/oppressor weapons would cost ~80-100k each I think
while a tormented weapon costs around 24 ectos last I knew, which is equal to about 2 of the above weapons
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  3. Looking for a second opinion on my HoM points.

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